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Does anyone more familiar on how to use WSOLA.exe. I know its purpose but the thing is when I d/loaded it from the internet and tried to open it (after saving on my PC.) I can't open. Does it require the WSOLA to run this thing. By the way I found this at Added info: I'm trying to do a standard conversion of PAL to NTSC of PAL VCD to NTSC VCD as advised by the said web page. Hope one can give a clear guidelines on how to do it. Appreciate it very much.

-- Mel Torres (, June 04, 2003


The EXE doesn't require the source to run. But it's not a Windows application, it's a command line program.


-- Xesdeeni (, June 10, 2003.

I got the same problem. I double click on the .exe, a window appears for a fraction of a second and then closes down again.

-- Mogs (, June 10, 2003.

Someone answered you correctly in the above postings. This is an executable designed to run from the DOS prompt or Command Line prompt. You should have received a "readme.txt" included with the zip file you downloaded. At any rate the command you should try at the command prompt or DOS prompt is:

WSOLA [input_file] [output_file]

or in your case:


Seems to not work well on Windows XP as it craters at the end but it does create an output file even though it will not be complete. At any rate, give this a try...wouldn't recommend doing on XP...2000 I think its supposed to work.

Dan Phillips

-- Daniel G. Phillips (, June 24, 2003.

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