Why my burned vcds cannot play in any stand alone player

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After making my own Video CD using Nero 5.5 and other cd copying softwares,why can't I play it back in any stand alone VCD player? I tried playing it back in my PC using PowerDVD player and it work well. I explored the files inside the CD and everything is very similar with the files inside other VCD movies which I bought in the market and easily playing in any vcd player. I am using the following; JVC PAL DVCam Capturing through firewire card using vegas 4.0 for editing using TMPGenc plus for encoding from AVI to MPEG1 using Software Burning Nero 5.5 Using HP CD-Writer 9100+

Anyone in the world can help me would be greatly appreciated.

-- Mel Torres (ojotek@hotmail.com), June 03, 2003


OK, first of all you failed to tell us WHAT stand alone player(s) you used. I'm guessing that you tried a homemade VCD in one or two players and gave up. Many DVD players don't support VCD on CD-R media. Sony, Toshiba and other manufacturers were notorious in the past at least for making such players. If you tried playing it on an Apex, for example, I'm sure it would play. You should be aware that while 99.9% of the stand alone players that play VCD on CD-R don't care, Nero doesn't make truly compliant VCDs. You are more likely to have problems using Nero to make photo VCDs than movie VCDs. VCDeasy at http://www.vcdeasy.org isn't the easiest program to use, but it is free and it does make truly compliant VCDs. If your standalone won't play something made with VCDeasy, it simply won't play VCD. You should also be aware that portable VCD players are notorious for refusing to play homemade VCDs but they will play commercial VCDs and VCD copies to CD-R media. Were you trying to play your VCDs in a portable by any chance? Nobody seems to really know why this is true. I know that commercial VCDs are produced by expensive software that most of us don't have access to and these discs truly comply with VCD standards. Nero and other burning programs (except VCDeasy) take various short cuts in making VCDs so that they are not 100% compliant with the standards and this seems to be enough to cause the portables to have problems playing them back.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), June 04, 2003.

I use sony Video camera TRV740 and first time using ulead 7 program with windows ME to burn a VCD (CD RW) . But we have the problem with Audio, no sound at all while playing burnt VCD in PC but it plays fine, picture is actually great, but no sound is depressing, please help?

Sunny sunnykumar_2@hotmail.com

-- Sunny (sunnykumar_2@hotmail.com), July 07, 2004.

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