It's Monday and the New A.M.E. Herald June 2, 2003 is on the internet. There is an update of Bishop Ingram : LUSENET : A.M.E. Today Discussion : One Thread

Hi, everyone. The June 2, 2003 edition of the A.M.E. Herald is now online. We also have an update on Bishop Ingram and will continue to keep you posted on his condition. Our A.M.E. Churches are doing great things for the lord as well as our institutions. So we at the Herald hope you will read this edition. If you sent something in and it is not published. Please forgive us we have a limited amount of space. But do try sending us information. We appreciate you and the time that you took to think of the Herald. We will be expanding in September to add more pages. We will have coverage of the next convo this month and the Bishop's council.

Your support has been wonderful! We have had over 8,000 visitors in the 4 issues we have published so far (in 4 weeks). We still need your help and ask that you tell your friends, and put our web address in your church bulletins. We are an all volunteer staff and we do this as a ministry for God. We do not get paid, for God has done so much for us, and we want to help our great denomination. There is so much good news happening in this denomination. Our church is doing new, and exciting things. Do not be discouraged by those that say we are not growing or that our church is living in the past. Tell them to read the Herald and they will see we are leaders in this world. When it comes to doing ministry.

Please visit our website A.M.E Herald

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2003

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