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I got the dresser all done, so t here is a bit

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We went with my go od friend and her family on an o u

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snap when I d o bowl, so I played po ol and beat b o th Charl ie and David w hich was ni c e for a cha n ge. :)

My guineas have hatched o ut a ton of ke ets, but the f ireants have had the i r way with more of them than I care to cons id er. I've fou nd that the broo dy hen will NOT foster kee ts, bu t instead

pecks them to de ath as soon as th ey are dry. T ha t was rather d isconcerting! At a ny rate, we have 2 9 keets in a pet c a rrier with one mor e hen setting on a smaller clutch. At l o ng last my chicken s are brooding and c o ming through on the i r promises!

Grann y's house is coming al ong. the lino leum is i n now, so two rooms will be complet e by th e end of the wee k. I gu ess the bathroom is the next thing to tackle.

the computerr went haywire, I better submit before this is all jumbled! God bless!

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2003


See what I mean about the computer acting weird???

Things are busy here. I finish up with work on the 27th, and I am really looking forward to that. I'm going to do a show in July, but beyond that I am done and HAPPY!about it!! The only trouble is that I am not seeing how Marcy is going to come up with money for me....Nonetheless, I need to go.

Jared and Sophie are doing well. Sophie is actually behaving really well. She's less trouble than Jared in a lot of ways. We have started an allowance with them. They have specified chores that they are to do and then very loose things like: one household maintainance chore. They get $1 each day, but have fines for things they fail to do. One is arguing, not turning off lights, not keeping the room straightened, leaving tools out (Jared), disrespecting people's property (Sophie). It seems to be working out alright thus far. I warn them before they get an arguing fine.

Angie called yesterday am....that is usually precursor to a good trauma, or drama, if you prefer. Seems that she is having her conscience pecked at a bit. She was sad that her 15 year old was crying because she missed David. Well, this 15 year old is kind of dangerous. She lies and is very much like her untrustworthy and very sexually active. Angie didn't know who the father of this girl was, it could have been three different guys. Turns out that the one it most likely was actually married Angie's aunt and they had a son together that looks and acts like Sarah's brother. Jerry Springer, anyone? Sigh. At any rate, the bottom line was that Sarah wants to come and stay with us for a week. That isn't going to happen. If she were a different girl, it might be possible, but David can't chance any accusations from this troubled young lady. It just wouldn't be wise at all.

It's sad, because you want to help her, but things are just the way they are, and you MUST take care of what is really your responsibility. I advised David to just write her regularly and let her know he cares, but to be extremely cautious.

Then Granny is getting quite persnickety about being in the nursing home still. It will be done soon, but she is out of patience with it. That situation needs prayer!

I need to get going.

It rained last Thursady, and has been hot....the weather report!

God bless all!

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2003

We had a fabulous rain Saturday night. Also some on Friday, so we are nearly caught up on the rain now! Thank you, Lord!

In mid July I will be going up to Missouri to meet with some people about the buildings we need. We need to know if what we want is remotely compatible with what we can afford.

David's Mom is causing him a whole lot of consternation and turmoil. She's got a lot of problems and he's basically run out of patience with her crawling up under her physical ailments and refusing to do anything about it other than take lots and lots of pills. If that were all, it would be a blessing, but her troubles are so entertwined that it's nearly mountaous to try to enumerate them.

David's birthday was Saturday and we all went to the fabulous bowling alley again. He had a really good time and bowled pretty well, so he was happy. I pulled a million and twenty weeds on Saturday while he went and visited with his Granny and ran around. The garden looks a whole lot better.

Gotta get now! God bless all of you.

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2003

I only have a couple more weeks of work left....Whew! I'm so looking forward to establishing a more peaceful routine. I've always enjoyed a little morning reverie, and with all of the added activity to get Jared to homeschool an hour earlier than I need to be at work and the extra distraction at work with having the kids there, I haven't had the chance for much solitude.

I simply can't wait to get to Missouri. It's going to be an insane kind of move, but I much prefer physical work to psychological roller coasters caused by poor people who are terrifically lost and refuse to deal with's very, very, sad. My family just doesn't yank every little chain that a person has just to do it. We do have our share of troubles, but we all have a bit more control of our tongues---thanks to God.

Granny's house is coming along, but at a very slow pace. This weekend I will need to replace all the outlets from her old electrical service. The electrical work that was done is coming out to be more than -I- had hoped. David was just going to have the electrician replace the outlets, but it will save several hundred dollars for us to do it, so I don't see why we should spend Granny's money uneccessarily.

I got in my garden all day Saturday and it was wonderful! I still need to stake some more toms amd do a bit more weeding, but it actually looks pretty good now.

Sometimes I wonder at what it is God wants me to do in this family here. My mil is something else, and I aggravate her because I simply won't be manipulated....I'm so grateful for the strength and grace that God has given me. I'd have slipped a cog long ago were it not for Him!

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2003

Well the kids are still not back and now I guess Angie has committed a third class felony. David is certain that she will alege abuse and neglect through CPS as they operate on guilty until proven innocent mode. I suppose Jared falling down after forgetting he had his legs wrapped up in the chair and trying to walk that way is somehow abuse on our part, and Sophie being spanked because she pointed a pellet gun at Jared and their cousin is definitely abusive.

I consider all of the turmoils we have encountered here, and I hope that we have done things correctly. I know that the one time David told Jared that he was going to tell him some things he wouldn't like about his mother may not have been the best, but I can't se how there was a way around it at the time either. He just told him facts of her behaviour, not his own feelings regarding her behaviour....although there really wasn't any way those could have been misconstrued.

I'm certain this is going to get extremely ugly. Angie surely thinks that she is actually doing pretty well. I mean, after all, she has avoided the pen unlike her own mother and as far as we know she hasn't taken out a hit on David like her mom did on her own father. Heaven help her.....Heaven help me! This world is just such a mess.

At times I find myself feeling sorry for me because of these disrutpions, but I know that these children are a blessing and they need stability and I consider that what we do with them will matter in a hundred years (should the Lord tarry that long!) and I know it is much more important than whether or not my garden is up to my standards.

I need to get to work on the critterrs. Tomorrow is my official last day of work. Marcy hasn't come up with the amount we agreed upon, and I need to draw up some legal documents between us. it will be okay, tho'.

I'll write when I can and I sincerely appreciate the sacrifice of prayer people have made for us here. I also thank God that David has honestly turned himself to the Lord's will and praise God for him daily.

-- Anonymous, June 26, 2003

The children were brought back on Thursday about 12:30pm. Angie took them to David’s folks’ and then called the shop looking for him. David and I had discussed the fact that there is no point in trying to converse with her, so after we gave him the signal to stop talking 3 times he listened. I went to pick them up and she had shaved all of her hair of and dyed her brows and what remained of her hair black. Sophie said she was looking for a wig but couldn’t find one. As more things have revealed themselves, it is God Almighty alone who commanded that she return the kids. She had sent off her 14 year old to live with her aunt, said good bye to her 17 year old who is moved out, wrote a bunch of –most likely – hot checks, one for a vehicle and many for clothes and food, She took them (the kids) to a resort that she and David had spent an anniversary at 5 or 6 years ago. Angie told David’s Mom that God made her bring them back…..Whew! Thank you Jesus!

We had to get a lawyer and we have motion filed to change the decree due to danger to the children and a protective custody order to stop this July 1st visitation. Since she wrote all those checks and was evicted from her apartment and is now (after returning the kids) reported to have been getting drunk again, it looks like she won’t be able to mount a defense and we should be alright. The Lord told me ‘I’ll take care of it.’ Thank you Lord, and continue to be with us and guide us.....

-- Anonymous, June 28, 2003

The motions were all signed yesterday and Angela failed to come to pick up the children as she was supposed to so that she could be served. they have set a date of July 10th for the hearing. Angie's cell is off and we haven't heard anything of her from anyone since Saturday. There is some concern that she may commit suicide as she has tried before. A friend reported that she was drinking again as well.

The children have some questions that I tried to answer as well as I could...mostly concerned about ever seeing their Mom again. I told them that we wanted that, but she would need to be well before that could happen. They are doing pretty well, but I notice some definite emotional defense mechanisms that will need to be worked through with each of them. God's got His hand on all of this and I trust that He will bless our actions so long as we keep Him paramount over all things.

Someday I hope to be able to breathe a deep sigh of relief and simply enjoy these kids without thinking of the magnitude of the effect that our actions will have on them fifty times a day. :)

Sophie has mild asthma and we ran into a wall trying to get her an inhaler yesterday. Hopefully we will succeed today.

Annie, I am SO happy to hear the surgery went well yesterday. thank you for keeping us updated!

All of you take care, and please remember to pray heartily on the 10th for this situation. They may try to restrict us to the State of Texas, and it would be best for all of us to go to Missouri. Especially for the kids. god's blessings on you!

-- Anonymous, July 02, 2003

Yesterday was alright. I got my riding mower fixed and finally got the grass mowed except for a small section. We have this Bahia grass that shoots up to 16" or so when everything else is at about 4" and it looks nasty very quickly when you have two mowers and they are both broken down!

We received word yesterday that Angela has been walking the streets with a known crack whore and dressing the part herself...this is all in Galveston. --- Very heavy sigh.--- We can't seem to get in touch with her anyway, and we need to serve those papers on her. Maybe that would snap her out of her personal nightmare a little bit.

Thanks so much for the continual prayer everyone. I have felt that peace so thouroughly many times and I know it means some saints are praying.

I'm hoping to get a day where I can simply relax and enjoy the newness of not needing to go to work. THAT would be fun!:) Off to Granny's today to wash and put up more dishes and organize more things. She gets out on Friday, and it's nip and tuck on the completion.

Hope everyone has a good day, God bless all of you!

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2003

We didn't really get to have a celebration of any sort for the 4th. It all began on Thursday night at about 11pm.....

Angie's landlord, Tory, returned the call I had in to him... His number was found by a friend of David's in Galveston. Well, he told David all manner of things regarding Angie, including the fact that she owes him about $1700 and hasn't paid rent since she moved in there. He has serious health issues and can't deal with too much stress very well. He had changed the locks and Angie had broken in to the apartment, so he just changed them back to the one which her key fit after the door jamb was destroyed.

While talking to David he thought he heard someone in the apartment, but didn't see Angie's car, so he figured he was wrong. Then he called back at 11:45 saying she was there, and David and I had a conversation about going down there to serve her right then. The server fromn here was willing to ride with David down there at 3am. I was ratther resistant to it as I hate 'crazy' and it felt like it was 'crazy' to do that. Then I went to the bathroom and prayed about it and came back and told him to go on and go. But by this time he had kind of talked himself (!) out of it. Tory had called back and agreed to call if he found she was there...Oh, she called the cops on him for who knows what, and while they were there speaking with him, she overheard that we were trying to serve her. So then she called Tory and threatened him saying, " I don't know whether to kill myself, or come down there and kill you. I think I'll just set the house on fire instead." Tory then called the police on her, but they never came and she left. So he didn't call us after this exchange as she wasn't there. David slept in his clothes ready to go.

I tried to call the jail at 7;30 in the am but they were too busy to speak with me then. Then I asked David to call them, but he accidently called the wrong extension and didn't understand that I felt she was in jail. Then Angie's brother who is a decent kind of guy called and after a conversation with David regarding what was happening told him that she was in jail and he had sent $100 to help bail her out. david then called the jail and we had missed her by literally one minute!

So David and Dan, the server, left for Galveston at 1:45 in the afterrnoon. They ran all over the island found a crack dealer driving her car, talked to hundreds of people, and were consistently a block or two behind her movements. They got the car from the crack dealer and gave it to the landlord along with her keys, and he pulled the wires on it and is going to file a mechanic's lien on it for all the rent she owes him. At 11;30pm this lady Kimberly called me yelling in a loud place for the cell number of the server....She said Angie was there and about to leave and she didn't have the number. She was seriously panicked. After I gave it to her I dropped to my knees immediately..... David and Dan got her served. She threw a fit. David said it was really sad seeing her. She looked a concentration camp intern. david is certain she is smoking crack as well as drinking. She can't understand what is happening. She told David's friend Kimberley that I am a militia leader or something as ridiculous as that. The funny thing is that I am sure she believes everything she says.

Anyway, it was 3am when he got back. Thank the Lord that this aspect is finished. Now we only have a hearing and a trial to contend with. The kids are alright and we all prayed together that they find their Mom. I had to explain to them why it was so important.......Very sad.

We appreciate continued prayer more than I can say. The hearing is the 10th. Angie will probably manage to fineagle a lawyer for the trial, and most likely check into rehab -again- to look like she is really trying. We all honestly believe she is possesed. Dan (the server) actually said that to David after they were on the way back. It's hard to believe all the havoc that one person can wreak on the lives of so many people. I'm praying this process goes quickly. The less time it takes, the less money and stress it will cost. Whew!

Otherwise, praise God we got rain!! Everything is good here at home.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2003

My soap opera continues as well. Man, it's exhausting!

Jared actually SPOKE about his feelings with me yesterday. We had a very 'adult' conversation and I believe it was good. turns out that he had the idea that Angie and David split he and Sophie up becuase he was David's favorite and Sophie was Angie's. He has A LOT of resentment towards Sophie and feels like everyone loves her more than they love him except for David's folks....Janice (mil) told Jared that HE was HER favorite. What a STUPID thing to do! I do know that they don't think Sophie is David's child, but I KNOW that she is. She has his nose and she also has his singing ability. Regardless, David has accepted her as his own from the very beginning, his parents should as well.

Jared has a number of things going on inside of him, most driven by need to be important, and somewhat greedy in nature, but I completely understand. I was honest with him, but verry gentle, and we cried together, although he cried a lot more. Poor kid. He wishes he didn't have to grow up and that families stayed together.....Ugh. It ended up on a good note between us and I told him he did very well to talk about his feelings like he did. He's very intense and he's going to need the tools to deal with that in himself.

Sophie is doing great. She has stopped just stepping out in the midst of a conversation, and seems to be able to stay present for the entire day now. These coping mechanisms are going to take a lot of love and time to work through. Sophie is more able to wrap words around her feelings than is Jared and she is more resilient in a lot of ways.

The most difficult thing is telling them that I really don't know when they will be able to see their mother again. They DO love her although they both know she isn't right in her head....What a load to bear for a child.

Gotta get, I have a lot I would like to do as well as a LOT that I have to do! God bless!

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2003

We went to court on Thursday and the judge made us take the kids to Angie yesterday. She admitted to all the allegations in court and didn't object to presenting her landlord's six page dossier on Angie's behaviour as evidence. It's all very damning and the judge just didn't seem to care.

We had to have a talk with Jared that we really would much rather never have had. No 11 year old should be put in the position to have to take care of both himself and his little sister because his Mom is whacked out of her mind. Jared has a phone card and knows how to use it and he has a page of numbers to call and instructions for calling 911 or throwing a hissy fit in public in case he KNOWS she is running with them. I HATE this.

I know the kids are alright with Angie's sister, and I asked her to please be sure to keep them there. She said she would and that if she felt Angie was going to run with them that she would call.

David talks to the grand jury on Friday about indicting her for 3rd calss felony of running with them before. I am hoping that all of this can be avoided by her going to jail and awaiting trial on felony charges of abduction.

God's will be done....and we are praying for the heart to accept His will regardless of His answers to us.

I have to go out of town this week and David is going to need extra prayers just to manage things around here himself. He isn't very good at milking goats at all....:)-

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2003

Update on the kids……I wrote this for a forum I visit and since it contains the majority of the happenings here I thought it easier to simply cross post it. Some of the anguish I feel has been modified to protect the reading audience...:)-

As you may recall, we were told to give the children back to Angela on the 13th at her sister’s home in Houston where Angela said she was staying. We did what we were supposed to do and even had an excruciating conversation with the sister and her husband. At that time, Angela was supposed to come to their home on Monday the 14th.

Last evening, on the 15th, Angie’s brother in law phoned us and told us that he wanted us to pick the kids up as Angie still wasn’t there and after he spent all day tracking her down, she told him she would be there in two days. These people have her two older children from previous relationships and two young children (3 and 5 years old) themselves. So they had six kids in a house they just moved into 2 weeks ago. I can understand the BIL’s consternation.

So we told him we would be on our way and what time to expect us.

As we were gassing up in town, David’s mother came roaring into the station to tel us what she had just learned. Seems that Angela had filed charges of sexual assault and kidnapping against David’s cousin who had gone and picked her up for the court date last week. She had stolen his truck and had to justify that action in someway, so she said he had kidnapped and raped her. All this after spending 4 days with him and even going to a family reunion. Yeah, sure. James is a foolish man, but he is not a forceful type at all.

He will continue to press charges against on his vehicle, but it is his work truck and they have impounded it until he is cleared of the sexual assault charge.

At any rate, we went to Houston to get the children. When we arrived Angela’s sister met us in their drive and she was on hold with the sheriff’s department. She said she wasn’t going to release the kids to us. After about 2 hours and a very long conversation with the deputy, he suggested to the Aunt that she may not want to get into the middle of this custody thing, and she decided to let the kids come with us after all. Her husband and she were at serious odds with each other over this.

While we were there a friend of Angie’s came by, she sent him to pick up the kids for her, and Angie had called…She wanted to speak with David, but he wisely refused. She did speak with everyone else except me, tho’. The friend she sent said he felt the kids were better off with David as well. He was a nice guy, but she was using him to put her up in a hotel and wanting him to run interference for her.

So the children are back with us for now and I have a long day of legal things to try to attack. We are going to ask about a guardian ad litem (sp?) for the children. At 1:45am the Sheriff’s department here called to see if the kid’s were alright and David explained the situation. The deputy knew she was not right in the head and knew all about the accusations against cousin James. So far everyone but the judge and Angie’s sister is in agreement with us that the children should be here. The judge’s name is Flenniken in Lee county Texas. I have no idea how I am going to handle it if Angie gets a ride up here and tries to take the kids from me while David is at work. I also have no idea why they didn’t keep her in custody for stealing James’ truck when she has a state level warrant for her arrest as well as several outstanding warrants in Galveston County. I can only see that there is a tremendous amount of spiritual warfare going on here, and strive to do everything I can to stay in God’s will and above reproach legally. Suffice it to say that my opinion of the ‘justice’ system has not been enhanced by this experience with it. All I can do is continually remember that God won’t give me more than I can handle, and that He is STILL in control. He told me He would take care of it, and we am trying to conduct ourselves in a manner which is not so proactive that we get in His way, but not so passive that he can’t even use us.

This is excruciating.

Praise be to God! He will see us through this and we are praying for His will to be done. I can’t even imagine how I would handle this if I didn’t know Him. My guess is that I simply couldn’t handle it in anyway that didn’t land me in jail myself.

Your prayers are so appreciated, and also coveted! Thank you all so very much.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2003

Whew! It's been a doozy lately! I feel so much better after basically taking the day off yesterday and having Jared go to work hay with his grandpa. Sophie and I pretty much just read all afterrnoon. She is actually a lot less demanding than Jared is, and I needed that quiet time in a way I don't believe I have ever needed it before. I'm so thankful to have gotten it and so grateful for all the people who have kept me and this situation in prayer. I'm not refreshed with a half hour here and there, I'm a bit more of a deep cycle battery and need a whole day every now and again. :)

Annie, I am glad to hear Dave is doing better. I'm sure he'll get better emmotionally over time as well. Injuries sometimes change us very drastically, but through constancy and security the dramatic changes can be minimized.

Still keeping you all in prayer....God bless!

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2003

It just never seems to let up for very long around here.---sigh---

Last night was rather a milestone for Sophie. Both she and Jared came in crying, but Jared wouldn't really talk (yet) to me and David was setting up a bed for them in here and Sophie was grieving so I went to her.......She wanted to know 'why' this has all happened, she wants her Mom to be well, she misses her. I'm thankful she just let go like she did. She understood that this was 'grief' and was glad that I explained that to her. So much transpired between us that it would take some time to wrap words around, but I am ever so grateful that she got it out and that I was able to help her and reassure her. I gave her a cool washcloth when she was finished crying and she really liked that.

Jared, on the other hand, has had a load of stuff dumped on him by his Nana (David's Mom) that she was simply NUTS for telling him. She read him a suicide note that she had written four years ago or so. Now why on earth would someone do that??? To an 11 year old boy going through all the stuff that he is??? Then she also gave him her version of a very adult exchange between she and David. What happened was David had festered on things for entirely too long and just decided to go and lay out exactly what he thought/felt about her behaviour and let the chips fall where they may over it. See, Janis (mil) has fibromyalgia and refuses to do anything other than take bunches of pills...she won't take any responsibility for her own health at all, has been having an online love affair with a man in another state, claims she is a Christian but refuses to fellowship at all, had a one night stand with a man six years ago and got herpes as a result---and she won't tell her husband, as she is afraid he will toss her out on the street, she simply hasn't shared a bed with him in 15 years, she doesn't -do- anything. Calvin takes care of everything that needs to be done except for laundry at their house....David just felt like he needed to address it and call it what it was because no one else was going to. Well, she told Jared all of the hurtful things David said and that she felt like he was too judgemental and that I was, too....and how hurt she was over all of it. I haven't said anything to her other than one time, after two days of listening to her tell me how miserable she was, and that she was a kept woman in a loveless marriage, I told her that she just needed to get flat out honest about everything and puke all this 'stuff' up on the table with Calvin and let whatever happened happen so that she could have some peace in her heart. I didn't even enumerate what it was she needed to expel....but I heard back from her sister that she was very upset that I 'presumed' to know anything about solving her terrifically complicated troubles. Anyway, an 11 year old going through all he is going through has no business having more garbage that is highly emotional and both intellectually and emotionally beyond his ken, dumped on him.


I want peace.

I know that with people there are always troubles, but it really seems that all of this stuff so far passes the normal ups and downs of life that the situation itself is manic.

Now I have to talk to Calvin as he is reasonable and explain why David went off on his mother last night and that they can still see the kids, but Janis isn't going to visit with them alone because she can't seem to determine what is proper to share with the kids. I hope it goes alright.

Tomorrow is court again. We are praying that God will allow it to be only this one time and be done with it.

Diane, I am sorry for all the strife that you are experiencing, friend. Just get that fence up and stay away from the line!! I'm keeping you in prayer in my many forays to God Almighty. :)

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2003

It's looking like it might actually consider raining for us, which would be a welcome blessing. I'm getting toms from the garden but my squash is kaput and don't even ask about the beans. I am MAD about those beans still! I planted what were supposed to be bush varieites, and wouldn't you know they ALL came up pole beans. So I just yanked them out and fed them to the goats after a few weeks of being irritated about it.:) The goats didn't mind at all.

I'm drying up Peaches (the goat) so now I am down to two milkers. They give more than enough milk for us and another family so there is no need to milk all four any longer.

We went to court on Thursday.........Angie represented herself and did a better job than our attorney did of representing us. He actually said things that we DON'T want as being what we want and didn't question Angela at all. I don't understand, but for $3500, you'd think he would at least attempt to remember the children's names and pronounce our last name correctly.

Attempting to make a long story short, we have temp custody of Sophie and are supposed to deliver the kids to Angie very first and third weekend for supervised visitation at her sister's house from 9am on Sat to 6pm on Sunday. She received deferred adjudication on her felony offense and has approximately 30 madates of probation which if any one is found out to have been violated will land her in jail for at least 3 years. So ...... We are moving by the first of September. We spoke with two lawyers and as of now there is nothing to stop us from going.

David made a phonecall on Thursday afternoon to the regional super in Missouri and there were a flurry of calls made by them. I felt strange about it so we got down on our knees together and asked God to make it crystal clear because we are kind of stupid and can't always see what He is trying to tell us. David was supposed to call the area supervisor back at 3pm to talk with him and the guy called us at 2:30 and he and David talked at length. he told David all he needed to do was give a call when he got up there and they have a crew for him and a michine, and they will get another machine if he thinks it would be more beneficial and they really could use him and are looking forward to him coming. Pretty clear, huh? So the Lord made a way and we are leaving while we can.

We have to keep it from the kids until we are ready to go as we can't tip our hand to Angie. the deal is the temp order stays in effect until someone requests a trial date to be set.....It could be years. She would be more than presumptous to ask for a date so soon after getting out of jail. There is a lot of work she has to do to meet the probation mandates, so we have to get while we can.

I probably won't be online too much at all for sometime. Working out the logistics of the move is going to be difficult to say the least. We will do at least a two part. First us and the critters and tools, then sell this place and and come back for furnishings and the screenhouse. WHEEEEEE! It's a gonna be an adventure.

Thanks for all the prayer everyone....Annie, I hope Dave is getting better by the day and that you are doing well....Diane, I really hope your fence gets finished this week and you can return to your peaceful ways. If I can get online I'll post updates from time to time!

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2003

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