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The Government knew that the ABC would ditch the Multichannels if it got no extra funding. Here is what the ABC said in its funding submission - given to the Government in November and publicly released in January 2003

"The ABC multichannels, ABC Kids and FLY, were established in 2001 to demonstrate the new programming and delivery models made possible by the transition to digital television. In demonstrating the concept, the multichannels reflected ABC commitment to leadership and innovation in the emerging digital environment. However, they have also been funded on a non-recurrent basis and cannot be sustained without a new on-going source of funds."

and here is what Mr Balding said in Senate Estimates Committee in Novenmber in reply to a Queston from Senator Lundy while sitting next to the Minister Senator Alston

Senator LUNDY—You have already mentioned some priority areas in relation to funding—being, I think, NewsRadio and Triple J. Is there adequate funding to support the ABC’s multichannelling ambitions?

Mr Balding—At the moment, the ABC, as part of the digital take-up and the drive to provide incentive for take-up, has launched two multichannels, as you may be aware. The funding for those multichannels has been provided as a one-off source of funding. There is no current identified ongoing source of funding to maintain those multichannels beyond the end of the current financial year. We will be including in the triennial funding submission what I believe is a very compelling argument to fund digital content for the ABC’s multichannel, which we believe will be one of the key drivers to accelerate the take-up of digital.

So it was on the record clear for all. The Governmetn knew they needed $7 million to keep them going and decided to let them die.

Alston strikes again - digital jions his long list of policy stuff ups

-- Anonymous, June 01, 2003

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