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I check all the vcd faq and coul'd find any answer to my problem. When I produce a mpeg 1 video cd and burn it to a cd to be played back on home a mini cinema ( pionner ) the movie is good except for one thing, there are many small white lines moving all over the tv screen. Is it ****al for a vcd, on my pc the movie is just great? If I buy a dvd burner and burn my movies on a dvd using mpeg 2 would I get a better result ? I have not listed the software nor the hardware used because I use different software and hardware with the same result. My last acquisition is a dedicated captured card "Winfast TV 2000 XP" Thank in advance for any consideration you may give to my problem.

-- ****and ********* (n*********, June 01, 2003


VCD is known for poor quality, I have done lot of them, the quality is only acceptable to good but cannot compare with the original VHS tape quality. Also the limit is 80mins max per CD at VCD quality.

DVD is different, I made lot of DVDs that keep the original tape quality. That's why people goes for DVD.

-- ktnwin (, June 04, 2003.

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