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I'm starting from a DIVX file. Opening it with tmpgeg gives me the error on audio file. Virtual dub tells me there is a problem with bit rate.

What can I do with these files (I've a lot of them).



-- dex (, May 30, 2003


TMPGenc is notorious for having problems converting audio files. Go to and download the GUI version of BeSweet and use it. TMPGenc should only be used to convert video. 48 MHz audio was a big problem for TMPGenc in the past. I can see that VBR audio would cause it to have problems. It's generally best to use one program to convert your video and another for your audio. CCE (Cinema Craft Encoder) is a terrific video encoder and it also has problems with audio conversions.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), May 30, 2003.

You mean to use bsweet to create a wav file of the movie using tmpeg for the video, merging the wav file created with besweet?

I'll give it a chance.


-- dex (, June 03, 2003.

I've installed last release on Virtual DUB. Just because the file is a CBR (and not a VBR that VD cannot manage) but with an error in header, VDub fix it. The save as wav and create the VCD using the AVI-video and the WAV- audio combined. It seems working.

Another file, that is VBR MP3 audio stream, at the moment is not manageable.


-- dex (, June 04, 2003.

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