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Here she is in her glory, or is it her clone? Now here is a clone war I would love to see.... enjoy and oh yes, it is up for sale. Tom

-- Tom (, May 30, 2003


This is my fav, if the link doesn't work its Yahoo's group the flux.


-- Barb e (, May 30, 2003.

Neobe, I admit one has to be willing to suspend feelings of disbelief here. Playboy sports erotic cartoons, why not these guys? After all their readers have about as much chance as...well but I digress. Certainly you will admit that this is quality erotic fan art.

-- Barb e (, June 02, 2003.

Mmmm... Aeon.


-- skye (, May 30, 2003.

Hm, the link doesn't work for me. How can I become a member of the flux? Seems to be members only.

-- Zak (, May 30, 2003.

haha that is fuckin retarded

-- neobe 316 (, June 01, 2003.


The original pic was one that I scanned in to use for one of my Aeon episode reviews!

A Last Time for Everything op=modload&name=Reviews&file=index&req=showcontent&id=183

I erm... much prefer the modified one though :)

-- SadGeezer (, June 07, 2003.

Sadgeezer, actually its about 2 cels off from the one posted on your site, and people can't hit that link unless they actually join your site. It's back up for sale, new price.

-- tom (, June 07, 2003.

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