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Mr. Chung, you really are an amazing man.

You're a phenomenal artist, an extremely talented writer/director, AND a good person. You never snub your fans, despite their geekiness. In fact, you’re respectful of their opinions even after they call you names or insult your work.

You have every reason to be as arrogant as they come, but instead, you maintain a sense of modesty that most "creative geniuses" do not.


-- Sierra M. (, May 29, 2003


I absolutely agree. And he is very patient and a pleasure to exchange emails with as well. Looking forward to Animatrix DVD coming out, I unlike others , will not support piracy and will gladly buy and own that disc. Thanks Peter!


-- tom (, May 30, 2003.

Thirded. Your casual but continued involvement on this forum is very cool. Probably why there's such a great bunch of people willing to post here.


-- skye (, May 30, 2003.

Yes, we are lucky to have such a special place! A celebration is in order!

-- scott (, May 31, 2003.

Nice work Scott. Did you make that, or did your roommate?

P.S. Link to the image next time, as it almost crashed the board!

-- Inu (, June 01, 2003.

On second thought, give me a link to that very image ^^ It's sloooow ;_;

Oh yea and Thank You Peter ^_^

-- Inu (, June 01, 2003.

Sorry to all the dial up people, they are pretty big animated gifs. They are Peter's animations! I ripped them from his demo real up at A cme Filmworks. I probably should have asked Peter before I posted them, as they are imperfect reproductions (slow framerate), but I figured it was OK since they are already posted at Acme. When I first saw it I immediately fell in love with those and a few other pieces that are simple line animations but so expressive. I curious as to what those and a bunch of other pieces were for. I'll post the others when I finish them. If you right click them and choose "save picture as..." you can save copies of them.

So I was lucky enough to make into the sold out showing of the Animatrix tonight at the Seattle Film Festival and was quite blown away. I got to meet Peter and listen to a great discussion afterwards. There was some great questions, and a couple bad ones. One guy had the balls to basically accuse Peter of being sexist claiming that all the women were in bikinis and all the men were fully clothed in Matriculated and some of the other shorts. Peter quite nicely pointed out that they were all naked when they entered the Matrix, and that when the main girl took off her protective suit, he really didn't want to waste time animating her putting on more clothes. I'll write some more later as I'm tired. Thanks again Peter!

-- scott (, June 01, 2003.

Oops. Yeah, I thought they looked an awful lot like Chung's work...

-- Inu (, June 01, 2003.

Hey hey! I don't know what happened, but those images are smooth as silk now.


-- Inu (, June 01, 2003.

Here is the rest of them

That should slow this thread to a crawl!

I promise no more.

-- scottai (, June 02, 2003.

Oh my god, I have been reading and contributing to random posts on this page for a while now, and I just came accross this one, those animations are so incredibly awesome! Man, I own all 3 of the Aeon Flux Videos, and even seeing these short little snippets of Peter's work still excited me very much! ah! And yes, I also want to give major props to Peter for actually repsonding to his fans, and contributing to their posts and everything, that means alot to us fans, thank you!

-- max W (, September 09, 2003.

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