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Ahhhh...summertime, and the living is easy! Ol'Porgy and Bess sure knew how to describe the best season of the year. Today, the temp will be in the low 60's and partly sunny! After seeing brown grass and white snow, green leaves are a welcomed change! Spring and summer represent a sense of renewal...a ressurrection of sorts! I am thrilled to be entering the best season, well my favorite season. Although attendance may dip in church service, I use this "spiritual slowdown" as a time for family and for my own self. Summertime...and the living is easy! What is your favorite season?

-- Anonymous, May 29, 2003


My favorite season is Autumn. For starters, I am able to regain an hour sleep due to the clock moving back :-) Climate is bearable and the picture-esque changing of the leaves on trees is simply Rockwellian. Outdoor activities are still abundant, air is purified and certain clothes and garments can be brought out of the closet and on my back. Yes, Autumn works for me. QED

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2003

I concur with Mr. Allen- the summertime is the best season of the year! Fall presents beautiful colors, but the summer months truly show nature and life at its most glorious point. The sunshine and its warmth create a feeling of wanting to be outside amoung the lush green trees and blue skies. You can hear the laughter of children's voices as they play with one another in the park, in the front yard, at the beach, or at water hose, hydrant or in a pool. Families are brought together to celebrate one another at family reunions (instead of a funeral), the annual church picnic and two holiday bar-b-cues. People who saved up their money all year long go to interesting places; and, students can get a bit of rest from the rigors of academics. Festivals full of people from different places enjoy music, food, art and culture during the summer months. Those of us who love a good hat, get to wear our bright sunhats, church hats, and funhats. And those of us who go to church meetings get to reunite with churchfolk we haven't gotten to see all year. Did I mention ice cream, lemonade and snowcones? I don't know about the livin being easy in the summertime (I teach and the money gets a little tight during the summer); but, I do know that the livin is warm, beautiful, exciting and full of fun. Nature at it's high point. God's mercy abounds! (I live in Michigan and it's cold. If nothing convinces me that God is merciful, surviving the winter and spring and being granted summer does).

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2003

I live in Southern California. We don't have seasons. LOL

Rev. John Harper

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2003

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