Which AME Today Contributor Do You Miss?

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This year marks my 4th year with this discussion forum and as is customary I took a retrospective look at how far I have come. Over the years there have been some interesting personalities who have visited and contributed on this site. While some of the rhetorical excess I can do without (I suppose the same could be said about me), I have really learned quite a lot by taking time to read and listen to other viewpoints. There are several people who I miss and hope someday they will return and continue their thoughtful contributions. It goes without saying that Rev. John Fisher is missed greatly. But, there are some who are undoubtedly still in the "land of the living" who I miss as well. My nominees are:

1. Chuck Kinsler - King of Kolor & Kreativity (emphasis mine)

2. Rev. Mike Barta - A Gentlemen always, even when he's wrong :-)

3. Rev. Lori Crawford - Her Fundamentalist Fire Simply Unmatched

4. Brenda Sutton - A truly ecclectic thinker

5. RP - Unequivocal in his convictions, even when they were politically incorrect

Now there are many others who are "missing in action" (MIA). However, the one poster who I regret we didn't have an opportunity to interact with longer was a brilliant young woman who went under the psuedonym, Ms. Poteet. She appeared about two months before the Lay Biennial in 2001 and made some remarkable observations about history, theology and the AME Church. She was sometimes condescending and borderline pedantic in her rebuttals to those who disagreed with her and subsequently Rev. Fisher imposed a moratorium on her posts. However, I eargerly looked forward to reading her long, change that, very long posts because they were thoughtful and controversial. Hopefully, I will bump into some of these MIA contributors when we get together for the AME Reunion in Philly next month during the General Board/Bishops Council Meeting. By the way, who is in charge of the plannig for the reunion? QED

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2003

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