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I have created an MPEG-1 VCD and just can't seem to burn it right. First, it's 797mb, so I MUST make a CD image to burn it on a 80min CD-R/RW. I can't seem to find a program that will create an image for me. I tried VCDeasy and it said my MPEG needed "auto padding". I let it do it and the cd image came out as over 900mb and I couldn't burn it.

The only successful CD image I made is when I multiplexed my VCD as "VCD non-standard" with TMPGEnc. I could then create the image without VCDeasy saying it needed auto padding, but when played in my DVD player (Mintek 1600) the sound in the beginning jitters and cuts out every once in a while. It's annoying and it's happened with every non-standard multiplex I've tested.

Is there a CD image creater that WON'T complain about auto padding or that BS? I tried "Mode2CDmaker" but could only get it compressed on "mode2". The problem with that was it wouldn't let my 90+ minute video play passed 85min (multiple tests failed. every movie stopped at 85 min).

Any ideas? CD image software? I'd really appreciate some help here. Thanks.


-- Kevin (, May 27, 2003


Actually, it's not true that you MUST make an image. You need to understand something about VCDeasy. It does indeed make truly compliant VCDs, but it does stuff like padding which is not really and truly necessary for 99% of the DVD players out there to be able to play your VCD, assuming they support VCD and CD-R media. In other words, there are other burning programs which do not so rigorously enforce the standards which might give you better results. What you get is not 100% compliant with the standards, but it's close enough. Try Nero. You can get a demo copy at It won't do the extra padding that VCDeasy does. You shouldn't need to multiplex as a non-standard VCD unless you truly are deviating from the standards in terms of bit rate or resolution. Try using Nero. Don't make an image but simply make a VCD using your MPEG file and see if works better for you.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), May 28, 2003.

Thanks for replying. I multiplexed my audio and video in bbMPEG as "SVCD" instead of "MPEG-1" and loaded it into VCDeasy as an SVCD and it all worked great, even though my file is actually an MPEG-1. It also played on my DVD player flawlessly :-D.

-- Kevin (, May 28, 2003.

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