If i hook the motor up to just one whell of my go-cart

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If I were to just hook the motor up to one wheel instead of the whole axle would the go-cart still move forward or just go in circles? thank you for any help.

-- Jim Keegan (Unitarian Brother@cs.com), May 27, 2003


You will go forward but your traction will be cut in half.

-- Brent Haugen (oneandonlydarkside@yahoo.com), May 27, 2003.

For a fun kart one wheel drive is fine on the 2 stikes i made they were both one wheel drive because it is hard to turn wuth only one wheel in the front....go karts are eastyer to turn but still it will work fien but it will bare to one side beware! lol

-- Thomas Roxburgh (stango1919@yahoo.com), May 28, 2003.

put a motor on each wheel with a throttle 4 each. it will be like a tank

-- david (keyboard100@yahoo.com), May 31, 2003.

My kart is 1 wheel drive, on the left,... in hard dirt when i go to take off the wheel just spins, in soft sand...it just spins and sinks. If your already going and you hit soft sand it pulls hard to the right. The left front tire wears faster. Since its left drive it does doughnuts good to the right but have to brake & turn for a doughnut to the left. For street use its fine, but if you dont have paddles or atc tires in the rear DON'T try to take it to the sand dunes to run with the big boys on sandrails & Oddesseys.. There might be acceptions but Thats just my experiences and reccomendations

-- "ICONZ"-Nemonics Racing Team (TaintedStylez@aol.com), June 05, 2003.

dont bother trying it makes the drive to uneven and you struggle to keep in a straight line

-- ben mac (woja_01@hotmail.com), July 04, 2003.

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