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i bought a 6.5 horsepower go kart and i ran low on oil and wasnt aware of it and the engine stalled what should i do and how much would it cost to be fixed

-- benji fischer (, May 26, 2003


try puting oil in it and pull the cord slowly if you cant move it sorry but your engine is seesed and going to cost ya to rebuild it or fix it. if it moves pull it for a couple of times slowly to get the oil where its suposed to be and try to start.

-- james (, July 01, 2003.

Hey ive had this problem before on some old dirtbikes that i just beat the hell out of. If its not to bad, which it probably wont be if it just died and you didnt try to hard to start it again, just take apart the head and piston assembly. The piston will probably be jammed in the cylinder sleeve. After you get the piston out use a file and file off the excess metal that has been made from seizing in the piston sleeve untill the piston will slide smoothly in the sleeve with a little bit of oil to lubricate it. Put it all back together and it should run ok. If your planning on kepping this for years or really care about the engine you might just be better off taking it to a shop and having them put on new piston rings and installing a new sleeve.

-- Doug The Barber (, April 20, 2004.

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