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This morning as I sit with God, I am filled with gratitude and love for my savior Jesus Christ. Who in my darkest hours never left me. I am grateful, humbled, and thrilled that God called me to be A.M.E. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be A.M.E. But when he revealed to me his desire for an A.M.E. church in Bozeman, Montana. I could not believe it. I was pastoring a non-denominational church. How could this be? The rest is history for our church became A.M.E. and I have never been happier in ministry. Because I am still fairly new, it has been two years, I see our denomination through "fresh eyes" I do not know of any other denomination that has as much talent as the A.M.E. I look at our universities, apartment buildings, senior citizen housing, our activity in the community and it is inspiring. We are still on the move! And doing innovative things. Wow! It is a joy for me to be the editor of the A.M.E. Herald for you send me such great news and every day I search the news wires and our churches and pastors are in the news giving service to the community. One of the goals of the A.M.E. Herald is for our readers to see the incredible things that are being done. Yes there are those who try to bring us down. But scripture tells us about them, they "are the children of darkness" do not confuse them with christians. They will pass away. Lastly, we live in a country where we CAN be a Christian without fear of losing our lives. Let us not take for granted that we are in the greatest denomination in the world and let us be thankful that we can worship our God publicly and praise him everyday. God bless all of you and don't give up just pray harder!

-- Anonymous, May 26, 2003

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