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I have a polaroid land camera 450 (that takes 669 film), and photos taken with it are coming out all blueblack (no image at all). I assume this is probably my own fault, as the camera came out of a dumpster, and without an instruction manual.. But: since there isn't an instruction manual, is there any possible way I could be making a stupid mistake somehow? Thanks!

-- serrano (, May 24, 2003


Hey there,

I'm a little new at this myself, but I had the same problem with my 250 when I first got it. I realized that the battery was dead, though. Took me a few days to get a new one, but it works fine now.

Try clicking the shutter without any film in different lighting conditions. Hold down the shutter--in lower lighting, the shutter should make it's second click after a considerable pause. If you don't hear the second click, your battery may be dead.

-- Koji Park (, May 29, 2003.

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