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A long time ago i was watching some Aeon Flux tape we borrowed, and if my memory isnt playing tricks on me there were different war episodes in it, the main plot was identical but circumstances changed... for example there was one version in which the guy didnt fell into the closing plattform. I think the oil also had different effects.

I am i completly wrong or do those different episodes exist? I think i really remember them, titled War I, War II and War III. Can someone help me?

thanx ^^

-- Hannes Jakschitsch (un2h@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de), May 24, 2003


No, sorry no one can help you. You can only help yourself. jk :). I think you may be mixing War with the Pilot episode that was broken up into smaller versions and not usually played as one whole episode. I'm sure someone will correct me here but I don't recall there being diffferent versions of it at all. The only episode that I recall getting hacked by MTV was with the girl humping the door in Gravity. I don't think that ever got aired here in the US, but I have seen versions of it out there.

-- tom (tom@aeon-flux.com), May 30, 2003.

Actually, sounds like you're almost certainly thinking of Tide, which had the most cyclical pattern of the 2nd season eps. Come to think, they were all at least a bit like that...

-- Charles Martin (bebop432@earthlink.net), June 02, 2003.

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