Does anyone know how to convert an AVI file into VCD format?

-- Rob Hays (, May 23, 2003


Use WinMPG Video convertor, this is a very good program to use and so easy. If it does not work on your avi, use vitual dub first (save avi to avi) then use WinMPG.

-- Rob Dickenson (, May 26, 2003.

The best program for your problem is TMPGEnc. It's very easy to use. Just doing step by step: 1. Open TMPGEnc 2. Cancel TMPGEnc wizard 3. Left click on BROWSE (video source) and select your avi movie 4. Left click on BROWSE (audio source) and open the same file again 5. Left click on START

You have a MPG file now. With this file you can burn your MPG movie to VCD with NERO burning rom (for example). THATS ALL FOLKS - good luck ! (if you want to create your VCD with subtitle, I know how you can do it)

-- PAJO (, May 26, 2003.

I tryed tmpeg but I have a problem on the audio (the origin is a divx file with vbr audio). vdub detect the problem too. How can i manage it?

Using winmpeg converter not alway works (even if it is safer than tnpeg, but cannot manage the conversion so you have no idea of what is happening)

any suggestion will be appreciated.

-- dex (, May 30, 2003.

If you have a problem with your audio, try "VirtualDubMod".Most new movies have "vbr" sound. You have to convert it in "wav" sound. Open your "VirtualDubMod" and select a movie. In "vbr audio stream detecor" click OK. The movie is open now. Go on "video" and select "direct strem copy". Now open "save as" and save your movie on disk. Open your old "VirtualDub" and select your new movie. In "audio" and "video" select "full processing mode" and save "wav" . Now you have your AVI movie and your WAV sound. Now open "TMPGEnc" and open your movie in "browse video source" and your wav sound in "browse audio source". Now click on "load" in right corner and select "VideoCD 1246kbps (NTSC).mcf" in folder "extra". Click "START" and leave your PC alone for 2 hrs.

-- PAJO (, June 22, 2003.

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