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I have a Manco Dingo 6 (6.5 HP w/ tourque-converter) how can i make it go faster??

-- Devin Pickering (, May 22, 2003


you can take off the governer. You must be careful though. You have to listen to the rpms of your engine to make sure you don't melt it especially when going off jumps.

-- (, May 23, 2003.

NEVER TAKE OFF THE GOVENOR!!! just loosen it a bit but not too much or ull be chasing after it, without a govenor ull blow up ur engine in about an hour.

-- gocarter (, June 10, 2003.

all this brain work shore paid off becaws my gocart no will go 67mph

-- dgd g fdgfgs (, June 12, 2003.

hey i have a manco dingo 5.o hp i need it to go faster to beat a yerf dogg how can can it go faster hLEP mE?

-- siraj haque (, June 24, 2003.

you could put a different and bigger gear or bigger tires I have a 5hp briggs and straton chain drive that goes 35 mph and soon getting a 16hp briggs and straton posi trax

-- andrewwaller (, July 31, 2003.

What i did for my 8 hp Dingo (1994) was, Bigger carb,Bigger Piston Bigger Air intake, 10 tooth gear for the front 50 tooth for the back, bigger tires, Ditched the origanal exhaust and put an exhaust header on(sweet assed it makes flames and is very loud)I also replaced my Drive belt BIG DIFFERENCE! i ditched the origanal air filter, and got rid of the governer and put on a tach, and i use 102 octane(AV gas) But i ditched the original gas tank and use a beer keg

-- Mac (, August 12, 2003.

well i have a 8hp dingo cart that did 23 when i bought it off the lot. for better handleing, i put my front snowmobile suspension on, and i use a 10 gallon keg and i put my gas in it and use the orignal tank to put my nos in. now this bitch is crankin 70 tops

-- damein jones (, October 11, 2003.

well i have a dingo 8hp cart also. same as demin it went 23mph when i got off the lot. to spice it up, i losened up the governer, put bigger gears on, totally trashed the safty rules, put street tires on the front. for more spead i use a nos system. well if u want a crankin cart thats how it goes

-- steve crankin (, October 11, 2003.

I have a 8hp Dingo by Manco, and I was wondering if anyone knows how to loosen up a governor on the carb?? and,, would it be safe to change the belt clutch into a chain clutch, and put on a sprocket instead of a pulley?? Please post an answer, or e-mail me at

-- Dusty (, November 30, 2003.

hey so you put nos on it? that is so cool, especially since nitrous needs to be kept in a high pressure tank, not a gas tank. idiot

-- jeramiah (, December 26, 2003.

Here are the things I did first for my 5hp briggs. Removed the governor completely (You don't need it if you can really listen to the engine for RPM or install a tiny tach, don't rev past 6000RPM with a stock rod!!!) milled the head .035, installed a 14 inch 3 stage header, high flow K&N air filter, high flow carb reamed to 3/4 inch inlet with no choke and interchangeable jets, bigger cam (a little more lift and more duration, always check for proper valve lash after installing a new cam) ported and polished intake and exhaust valve pockets, ported and polished intake and exhaust ports to remove any casting flash, and started running 15 oz of synthetic oil instead of the 21oz of regular oil.

-- Drew Simons (, January 27, 2004.


-- WQER (ELEANOR67351@AOL.COM), February 05, 2004.

i have a tecumsie 6,iput anew carb big boared it,studdedthe tires and put jetgas with synthetic oil.i am working on a tuned muffler.the only problem i have is that my carb is allways freezing on me as soon as it hits below -0 this is a big problem for me since i live in nunavut canada and there is only to months of summer.and i need to know were to buy a nos kit and how to install it.i was racing a snow- mobile at the drags,i allmost had him.

-- wes white (, April 29, 2004.

i had a frame cutom built for my go-kart got nos and k and n airfilter ive got a 22horsepower techumsen and man is it bitchin.

-- jack kraken (, May 03, 2004.

To make my briggs on my manco dingo to go faster i tied a string to the butterfly on the carb and i pull the string evry time i want to go faster now i can hit 60 mph easiy

-- glenn (, May 20, 2004.

can anyone let me know of a site to order hop-up parts for my 6.0 tecumseh engine

-- d thomas (, May 24, 2004.

on my 6.0 tecumseh engine what would happen if i moved the spring from the 2 to the 5 on the linkage on the back of the engine. if anyone know if this is safe or not can you please let me know.

-- d thomas (, May 25, 2004.

I have a 5hp Manco Dingo that is pretty much a piece of crap, handed down from a friend. I want to fix it up. Not really to race or anything, just for some good fun in the Las Vegas desert out here. I need tires badly. I also want to make some sort of modification so I can maybe put a second person on it. Anyone know a good site to order parts from? I don't know didly squat about this thing and I want to learn! Email me if any of you have the time to tutor me a slight bit on this contraption.

-- Cindy Edlund (, May 25, 2004.

you can order parts from and on my dingo i had a metal step welded to the back across the roll cage behind the engine so i could have some stand on it and as long as there not to heavy it won't wheelie on take off.

-- d thomas (, May 25, 2004.

hey so you put nos on it? that is so cool, especially since nitrous needs to be kept in a high pressure tank, not a gas tank. idiot

-- jeramiah (, December 26, 2003.

jeramiah thats not true nitrous don't have to be in a hi pressure tank. you can get it in the form of nitromethane a liqiud instead of a gas which can bought in a gallon plastic jug for $25.00

-- d thomas (, May 28, 2004.

hey yall i have a dingo and my lil sis and bro ride it ages 6 and 3 and i tore up the torque converter can yall tell me were i can get one plz email me thnx

-- Casey Dorey (, June 05, 2004.

I have a Dingo - by manco 2 seater 8.0hp motor... i just got it.. it isnt mint conditon. it has a torque converter. everything on it is stock. How do i go about tooling around with the governer. as i read i guess i dont wanna take it off, but i need speed! also.. i think my clutch is a little screwy. even if i let off the gas, i keep going and nearly kill myself! lol how do i manage to fix that? anwsers would be great!

-- Nik...olas (, June 23, 2004.

Put a bigger a motor on it.I just got a Manco Dingo and while I was driving it today the spring fell off the throtle cable at the carb end. There is a spring and clip but I cant see where they go. It is a 6hp Tecumseh power sport does any one have a picture from a manual that they culd scan and email me. Thanks

-- John Cormier (, July 04, 2004.

hey i got a question i have a 5hp red fox or something liek that n i want it to be real fast but i have not a clue where to start but i dont want to spend a lot of money so if anyone has any sugestions email me at

-- ryan (, July 16, 2004.

I can tell there is alot of potential here on this page. However there is also alot of crap. I laugh at the people trying to make others believe they have a Nitrous Oxide sytem on their lawnmower engine. It may be possible but I dont think anyone on this page has the mechanical expertise to comlete such a complex task. As far as NOS storage goes. IT MUST BE STORED UNDER PRESSURE! in a high pressure cylinder specificaly designed for NOS storage. The pressure we are talking about can exeed 2500 PSI!!! There is NO other possible way to store NOS! It could never be possible to store it in a gas tank designed to store liquids. Futher more, NOS is a GAS not a liquid... Also with the addition to the introduction of NOS to the air fuel mix, you also have to add the correct amount of extra gas to make the air/fuel/NOS mixture just right or you will blow you piston to hell. Thats why Im very sure that no one here can perform the task with acceptable results. One more thing I would like to point out. I think all of you speed demons should get clocked by a radar gun or be clocked by a vehical with a calibrated speedometer in it. This way you have an accurate reading of your top speed. I highly doubt anyone is achieving 70 MPH in a dingo...I have been on a few of them, I know the steering and the design of the vehical in stock form CAN NOT handle that kind of speed without serious consequences. Just keep it honest and try to learn a few things from people who actually know what their talking about and dont take offense when people show you the correct way of doing things. CYA, Jon

-- Jon (, July 24, 2004.

i have a manco dingo. it has a 10 horse power tecumpsi.i put a biger spocket on the front.and was wondering what is the best modifacation to make it go faster.

-- markus (roll_tide, August 04, 2004.

6.5 tecumseh govenor?? how do i remove it???any one have pics?

-- rob (, August 04, 2004.

I have a dingo that came with a 8 hp tecumseh power sport engine. The first thing i did is pulled a briggs and stratton commercial duty 11hp vanguard engine off a concrete saw and put it on. I have also just recently finished putting a nirous kit on it. I think it's retarded that anyone would try to question the mechanical skills of someone else without even knowing them. For everyone who doesn't think it can be done, here's how u do it. I used a co2 tire inflator for the nitrous oxide. While it is true that you have to have it in a highpressure container, it doesn't have to be near 2500 psi. O and just for clarification it's NITROUS OXIDE or N2O not NOS. The food service industry has been using Nitrous Oxide for years when makeing whipped cream. The Cartridges they use are the same as a CO2 cartirdge except they are only 8 grams. Use a spacer in the bottom of the inflator to make up the room. People also talked about having to have extra fuel for it to work. First no u don't, it's called a dry Nitrous system not a wet one. And second, if you run the Nitrous through the air box, like i did, it sucks in the extra fuel with the N2O. For the stock power sport engines, i wouldn't do this, they're not build to take that kind of stress. They commercial duty engines have stronger rods, as well as better bearing, so it's alright for them. I've had my Kart up to 60 MPH on the highway. I'm not just guessing here either, i have a GPS that tells me within 3 MPH how fast i'm going. As for everyone yelling at eachother, STOP if you don't like this kind of stuff then don't come here. Keep on trying new stuff, and get them running faster. If you have any questions feel free to E-Mail me.

-- Matt (, August 29, 2004.

theres 3 things bigger tires in tha rear smaller sprocket on tha axle or removing the govener

-- Mike (, August 31, 2004.

PUT A FUCKING FLUX COPASITOR ON IT YOU'LL GO THROUGH TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- (, September 02, 2004.

i have a five bhp dingo with a briggs and stratton engine, I have clocked it next to a car doing 28mph. Thats full revs, without a governor. that fucked the engine, open it up and its coked to shit with the piston ring seriously damaged. This means that, without adding NOS *cough bullshit* its almost dead. Secondly I put five people on it, that completely ripped apart the clutch, do not try and put extra wait on it, it aint designed for it. Seriously if you wanna add NOS or put an extra seat on it then you will need to seriously redesign alot of this kart its seriously not designed for what you people are suggesting.

-- alex (, September 26, 2004.

I have a 6.0 HP Tecumseh. Whenever i go up a hill the gas leaks out through the carb and then the engine dies. I dont know what the hell to do. How can I fix it? Or at least where is the problem?

-- Ram Dealy (, November 02, 2004.

your carb is fuckedup

-- tuyuftr (, November 05, 2004.

If you truly want to make your gokart faster you'll run nitrous oxide in to a slick round tube located in the middle of your seat so you can freeze the inside of your asshole, making you want to step your gay little foot on the pedal harder. Fucking queers!

-- super anal (, January 17, 2005.

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