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I was diagnosed Jan 1997 with bilateral AVN. I had the left hip replaced in 1998 after a failed core decompresion. I had the right hip replaced in 2001. About 5 weeks ago I started having groin pain. It has gradually gotten worse. It bothers me more when weight bearing and at night. I tripped and fell a few days ago and the groin pain is worse, even when sitting. The hip was cemented. Is is possible the cup is loosening? Thanks

-- Jane Hansan (, May 22, 2003


My dear Jane ... I'm not a doctor, but hopefully by now you have seen one. Any groin pain should send you to the doctor or the orthopaedist (s) who performed your surgeries.!!!!

-- Jan Bear (, June 24, 2003.

I would of course suggest you see your orthopedic surgeon who should take x-rays to look for loosening. A bone scan may also be necessary to show if inflammation is present, indicating many times an infection or loosening of the replacement. Whatever you do, get an answer and don't live with pain.

-- DeAnn Major (, November 22, 2003.

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