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Animatrix begins a limited theatrical run in Japan starting May 24.

Below are dates and venues for Animatrix screenings in North America. These are theatrical film prints in 35 mm. I'll post more as information becomes available.

1. Seattle Intl. Film Festival Saturday, May 31 @ 9:30 PM Discussion with Matriculated director Peter Chung Egyptian Theatre 801 East Pine Street Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 323-4978

2. Los Angeles Saturday, May 31 @ 12 midnight Landmark Regent, Westwood

3. Los Angeles Tuesday, June 3rd @ 8PM The Studio Theater on The Lot 1041 N. Formosa Ave. (I plan on attending this screening)

4. New York-Tokyo Film Festival 2003 Saturday June 14 @ 12 noon Discussion with Final Flight of the Osiris director Andy Jones Tribeca Grand Hotel's Grand Screen 2 Ave. of the Americas 212-519-6500

-- Peter Chung (, May 21, 2003


Peter, how can I get the Animatrix to be shown at the Valley Art Theatre in Tempe, Az? Personally owned by Dan Harkins, (Harkins Theatres) he is very likely to consider it. It is done in art deco style and prides itself on showing independent films, art films and the like, including anime.

-- Barb e (, May 30, 2003.

Peter. Thank you for that information, I did email them and asked if they could do that. I plan to buy the dvd, but to see it on a big screen would be interesting.

-- Barb e (, June 02, 2003.

How can it be that this bottom of the barrel country Im in has screened and finished the animatrix already?? Maybe it was ilegal..

-- Sam (, May 21, 2003.

If I didn't have class that night (the 3rd) I'd be SO there. ;_;

Someone go and bug Peter for me, ok?

-- Inu (, May 21, 2003.

On the other hand, the Regent is literally two blocks from my house... *grin*

-- Inu (, May 21, 2003.

Hmmm... the 3rd you say...

Everything will be done for school by then, I hope, so I might be able to attend that one.


-- skye (, May 23, 2003.

5.24 PHILADELPHIA - Midnite - The Roxy 2200 St. James Pl., Philadelphia PA 19103 - 215.569.2000

5.24 MIAMI - Midnite - South Beach 18 1120 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach FL 33139 - 305.673.6766

5.28 NYC - 8:30PM - Tribeca Grand Hotel 2 Ave. of the Americas, New York NY 10013 - 212.519.6640

5.28 NYC - Midnite - Landmark Sunshine 143 E. Houston Street, New York NY 10002 - 212.358.0573

5.29 SAN FRANCISCO - 8:00PM - Opera Plaza 601 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco CA 94102 - 415.771.0183

5.29 SAN FRANCISCO - Midnite - Clay Theater 2261 Fillmore St., San Francisco CA 94115 - 415.346.1124

5.31 BOSTON - Midnite - Coolidge Corner 290 Harvard St., Brookline MA 02446 - 617.734.2501

5.31 LOS ANGELES - Midnite - Landmark Regent 1045 Broxton Ave. Los Angeles CA 90024 - 310.208.3250

6.03 CHICAGO - 7:30PM - Music Box 3733 N. Southport Ave., Chicago IL 60613 - 773.871.6607

6.03 CHICAGO - Midnite - Music Box 3733 N. Southport Ave., Chicago IL 60613 - 773.871.6607

6.03 LOS ANGELES - 8PM - The Lot 1041 N. Formosa Ave. Los Angeles CA 90046 - 323.850.2581

6.03 AUSTIN - Midnite - Alamo Drafthouse 409 Colorado, Austin TX 78701 - 512.407.9531

6.06 SEATTLE - Midnite - Landmark Varsity 4329 University Way N.E. Seattle WA 98105 - 206.632.6412

6.07 WASH. DC - Midnite - Visions Cinema 1927 Florida Ave, NW Washington DC 20009 - 202.232.5663

-- Peter Chung (, May 23, 2003.

I was given the list above from Warner Home Video when I inquired about theatrical screenings of Animatrix in North America. It appears that these screenings are promotional giveaways. They will be giving away tickets to the public, but not necessarily to those who come and ask for them. These screenings are taking place on the dates shown-- it's just not clear how to get the tickets. The promotions are not being handled by the theaters themselves, so they won't be able to tell you if you call. (Although if you call, maybe they'll get the idea that there's an audience out there for this.)

Sorry for the confusion.

-- Peter Chung (, May 27, 2003.

Skye, If you can come on the 3rd, I may be able to get you in. Just let me know soon.

Paul, since I'm not attending the Regent screening, I'm not sure I can help you with that one. (But maybe you'll figure out how to score a seat anyway.)

-- Peter Chung (, May 27, 2003.

The account of a very dedicated fan:

HOWEVER-- the June 3 L.A. screening which I'll be attending is not in a commercial theater and may not be so easy to get into. For the others on the list-- I'd say go for it.

-- Peter Chung (, May 30, 2003.

And yes, it's free.

-- Peter Chung (, May 30, 2003.

I have nothing to do with such decisions, so I'm afraid the best I can suggest is that you approach Harkins about it. The organizers of the screenings is Cornerstone Promotions.

Having said that, I wonder if there'll be so much demand for it in theaters after the dvd release on June 3. Most of the screenings are before the 3rd, with a few just after. They're timed to coincide with the dvd release for maximum promotional value. The Animatrix was originally conceived as a DVD. You're not really missing anything by viewing it that way.

-- Peter Chung (, May 31, 2003.

I have 5 EXTRA TICKETS up for grabs for TONIGHT'S screening of Animatrix at the Seattle International Film Festival (Sat. 5/31, 9:30 PM). Anyone want them, or some of them? Call me at 206-351-3199 (cell phone) (don't email me, I'll be offline after 5:30pm). They were $8.50 each. Would sell them for $10 each. The show is, of course, sold out. I will be there myself too, of course!

-- Kristin Cherry (, May 31, 2003.

YEAH! I made it to the Regent showing!

Animatrix was bad-ass, as always. It was more of a first-come, first-served event than the VIP kinda deal I expected; lotsa UCLA film buffs there, which is always good.

Matriculated really came into its own on the second viewing. Smart, nervy, and original; just as good as I remembered it. My friend was impressed as well, and felt that it represented the direction the Wachowskis should take in the next film.

Nothing really compares to the shock of seeing Beyond for the first time; still, I'm amazed that such a gentle and -- dare I say it -- un-"Matrix"-like masterwork even got made. Absolutely brilliant.

I seem to be the only one who really liked Program; but hell, give me cyber-samurai and Kawajiri characters and I'll forgive just about anything. Still a neat bit of eye candy.

What made this so cool was the "hand-crafted" feel of nearly every short; it just had that personal touch lacking in bigger features (Super Wachowski Bros., take note). Anyway, at the risk of repeating myself, the film rocked, and I got many pics of my mug taken at the screening. Looking forward to the DVD ^__^

-- Inu (, June 01, 2003.

Nice Animatrix review:

-- Sam (, September 10, 2003.

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