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Who will win American Idol? After being "forced" to look at the hit Fox program by my wife, 7 year old son and 9 year old daughter I'm convinced that Reuben is the man!!! His opening selection with that epic Luther Vandross ballard (House is not a Home) followed by the John Lennon classic, 'Imagine' sealed his victory, at least for me and the Dickens Household. While I thought Clay's finale was better (who can go against the gospel classic 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'?) than Reuben's, overall I give the net advantage to the Velvet TeddyBear from Birmingham, AL. We were able to cast our vote from the phone number provided. I'm going to miss Simon and his brutally honest opinions :-) QED

-- Anonymous, May 20, 2003


I am rooting for Reuben all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, the way things have been slanted, I believe Clay will win. I wish the "food jokes" and the "fat jokes" centered around Reuben would cease. His voice is what counts. I hope Reuben wins; however, it really doesn't matter. Reuben will be a star; Clay will be a star. Even Kimberly Locke will be a star!

-- Anonymous, May 21, 2003

I agree with Augusta that they are both winners and both will be "stars".

I also agree with Simon that last night's performances were not the best of the competition for either and IF it were based SOLELY on those performances, the edge would go to Clay.

Actually, I taped the show and just finished watching it about 5 minutes ago (9:00 a.m. Wednesday)and "Bridge" had me literally yelling! It was certainly one of the best of the competition.

Who will be the overall winner? My prediction is Clay. I think they gave rather equal performances overall; and I don't really want to play the "race card", but I just don't think Clay would generate a large black following whereas Ruben's appeal crosses racial boundaries. You can see that in the audience. You see blacks and whites screamin' for Ruben, but how many blacks do you see cheering Clay? This may be more due to the styles than color - I don't know.

Now I'm aware that would seem to be in conflict with my prediction but there's an important factor. I don't believe enough black folks are going to call to vote and that will be enought to make the difference.

Note to Bill: How was the Nashville meeting? Any details to report?

-- Anonymous, May 21, 2003

"Luther Vandross Ballad"? Luther Vandross Ballad?? Surely the sun has affected my estimanl;e economic brother, and erased all memory of Burt Bacharach's first purveyor of that song, Miss Dionne Warwick. :)

-- Anonymous, May 21, 2003

Congratulations to the "Velvet Teddybear From Birmingham, Alabama!" Reuben always kept a smile on his face which melted the hearts of all watching and listening...even Simon! Clay was an excellent as well...it could have gone either way. And as for the "Shaft of Tallahassee...Bill(Hush yo' mouf)Dickens...you truly are a Luther Fan! My father was a Dionne Warrick fan and played her albums to death! I must say, before she became a heavy smoker, her singing was magical! She can still sing, but listen to her earlier albums...she was something!

-- Anonymous, May 21, 2003

Now I am not prone to hyperbole nor do I succumb to the temptation of "I told you so" reactions when my predictions turn out to be true. I consider myself extremely modest and humble (AMEN walls & pc!!) but Rueben's razor-thin win last night was precisely the way I called it :-) He clearly listened to the advice from the "sun and tanned" brother from FL by focusing on Luther's other classic (Superstar) and once again sticking with his roots of gospel music. This is a sure formula for success and his victory was all but a fait accompli.

I quite honestly have not seen this degree of black solidarity and love amongst the 'peeps since the aquittal of OJ. The tears and joyous celebration from the Rueben fans was particularly moving. Clay and his fans were gracious in "defeat" but as Augusta & Larry correctly note he has a recording contract in hand so his consolation prize in enormous. Now I would be extremely derelict not to comment on the social implications of last night's victory for Reuben. Reuben won NOT by black votes alone but with a considerable amount of white votes. Interestingly though, Clay, a native of Raleigh, NC where a considerable percentage of blacks reside and work, seemed to have an entourage of virtually all white fans. Where were the "black Clay groupies" at Raleigh HBCUs like St. Augustine, Shaw and nearby- NC Central? Nonetheless, the Velvet Teddybear prevailed even though he is a native of the same city which produced the infamous Bull Connor and the murderers of those four beautiful black girls at 16th St. Baptist Church. Now as a tribute to Reuben let me sing...Don't you remember when I told you I love you baby, You said you be coming back this way again........Baby, Baby,.... Man, back in the day this son Allen could croon with the best but now thanks to Jennie I'm a retired playa :-) GO Reuben!!!! QED

-- Anonymous, May 22, 2003

Now yall--don't go and be hatin, cause you know I love the "Velvet Teddy Bear" Reuben, but my favorite was Clay Aiken. I appreciated the expressive lilt in his voice when he sang. On some songs Brother Reuben was just too monotone for this sister. You know, I like a voice like beggin Barry. Sometimes, you just got to make sistah feel a little something. But in the end, both are very talented singers, and I wish the best for each. To be quite honest, I still wonder why Kimberly got voted off.

-- Anonymous, May 22, 2003

Hey this is shantae, however i think Reuben would win because he is a good singer better than me. Also clay is a good star to but reuben is betta i think everyone thinks its a racial thing on the votes about who would win but you know what it is what people think its not a racial thing like other people are saying they cant get mad because everyone is mainly voting for reuben but the people that dont like reuben are mainly cracking on him but he still going to win so im really not worried about that right now so i jsut want reuben to come out with a good single and everyone supports him and buys it hopefully if they drop the whole racial thing bye ~1~

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2003

There is no doubt in mind that Clay should have won. That competition was his. I truly believe there is something wrong with the voting process. Many people I know tried to call in but couldn't. Reuben's voice was good...but come on, so monoton. Clay was versatile. I will truly miss him.

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2003

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