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I have the Atlas H16-44 with decoder (lenz I think)and the marker lights don't work. The Atlas forum said that the instrution sheet says function 2 & 3 control the lights but they don't have any effect on my loco. There were no instruction sheet with that kind of info in my box. I have a Zephyr Digitrax system. Any idea why they don't work? My nondecoder one works on DC.

-- Edward Blenner (, May 20, 2003


I had the same problem. Go to CV 54 and change from 2 to 4. This changes the control of the marker lights from F1 to F2 I believe. F1 is for the horn and is set to only work when you hold down. By moving the control from the horn to the next one on the Zephyr the marker lights work fine.

-- Richard Feldman (, September 03, 2003.

Although the original question and answer were posted a year ago, this may be of interest/help to others with the same issue.

Actually, the marker lights for the H16-44 are controlled by F2. Pressing F2 on a Digitrax Zephyr causes the lights to come on, but as soon as you release the function key, they go off. Since they are not very bright, it's easy to miss them coming on, especially in a well lit room.

On the Zephyr, F2 is setup for Horn, so it is set to momentary action. The solution is to either map F2 to another function which is "latching" (stays on when pressed), or to change F2 to be latching. The Zephyr instruction manual (Section 17.1.3) shows how to do this. I did this and it works great.

Mike McGavran

-- Mike McGavran (, September 23, 2004.

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