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Hey! I have a big report due tomorrow and i just need a little bit more info to finish....could someone give me some info on the poem "Romance?" or if you have a good website to go to that would help to...Thanks soo much<33

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2003


That particular poem might be hard to find a special review on. Thomas Mabbott's book "Complete Poetry" is a must to start with. This a is from Poe's first tentative anthology in 1829. A key possible influence is Byron's denial of Romance in "To Romance" for the Truth. But for Poe Roamance IS Truth.

In this happier time of childhood contact with the Muse we have the image of the paroquet not the raven. I like the reference of the painted "papingo" used as target practice on a pole outside a church in Scotland, but it is not completely drawn upon. Dreamy basics to a highly receptive child. Then, as Poe does often, the poem switches. NOW in the mad rush of cruel years disrupts this idyllic connection sometimes a moment of connection(calm in storm) comes. The heart must tremble with the strings of his inspired art. Many poems and stories by Poe about the heartstrings, a lyre suspended resonating with this music. Israfel, Alone. "Mon Coeur est comme un luth suspendu" Usher.

Again, we are at the true heart's core of Poe art and personal soul inspiration. Interesting rhyme scheme with alternating, interlocking forms. Couplets tend to be pictures of nature in its state of calm or storm. The typical Poe extra line in part two is an interjection, cry, complaint "To while away- forbidden things!" to show the emphasis is on the opposition to his intimate connection to Romance. Same rebellion, lamment as in "Annabel Lee".

-- Anonymous, May 20, 2003

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