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My understading was that zakat was a voluntary tax paid by Muslims.I have just read an early account of Oman (1903) which was all about zakat being an agricultural tax levied,I believe ,largely on dates. Can anyone tell me whether zakat as a mandatory tax is widely used and on what it is ,or was,levied ?

Many thanks

Brian Kettell

-- Brian Kettell (, May 17, 2003


Hello Brian,

Zakat in it's pure sense has to be voluntary charitable gift as only the doner can assess him/herself and has a substantial choice in directing who the beneficiaries are.Zakat is payable as a symbol of faith and acceptance of the creed of islam and is therfore a moral duty in this life with any penalties only attributable in the eternal life.

Zakat is i believe payable on agricultural surpluses to requirements.

However, it has not been uncommon for leaders to collect money in the name of zakat, sometimes this was used for legitimate purposes such as funnelled to social welfare projects and poverty alleviation but sometimes just became an illegal state collection.

I am sorry i am not a historical expert, but thank you for asking.

-- naushad (, May 24, 2003.


regarding to your question, zakat actually is a main source of muslim country and of course it is obligation (a must, one of islam pillar) so it is not a matter of voluntary. it plays important role in redistribution of wealth amongs society. zakat in essence levied on gold, silver ( money), livestock, agricultural and trading recent years we also recognise fix income and other asset that fulfill the zakat requirements as zakatable assets. Moreover another tax can be levied by government such import-export duty, income tax an others as secondary income as long as it's compulsory.

-- suhazizi sulaiman (, June 12, 2003.

Zakat has always been levied on people, since the very begining

-- Muqaabil (Your Email, September 23, 2003.

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