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What is the cheapest price for Canon IXUS 400 in Singapore now? I got a quotation, it is S790, just wondering can I get any price lower than this??

regards, Dylan 2003'

-- Dylan (, May 16, 2003


Got a quotation of $780 (gst inclusive) by phone at Alan Photo in Sim Lim. But saw another post saying it got at $740 from the same shop. Anyway, many sellers from a same shop can quote you different prices. try your luck!

-- John (, May 23, 2003.

In a matter of minutes heard three distinct Alan Photo staff quote Ixus 400 at 770, 780 and 790 !

Got it just across the hall from Song Brothers quoted at 740, but that ended up being ex-GST, which amounts to 770 S$.

-- Renaud (, June 11, 2003.

I have a brand new IXUS 400 for sale at S$710.

-- Lanz Chan (, July 18, 2003.

May i know which one is a better digital camera in terms of image and pic quality? Canon Ixus 400 or Minolta Xt? Thks!

-- Andy (, August 15, 2003.

heard someone got canon Ixus 400 for $710, issit means some of the "original" parts were changed?

-- EuRica (, August 15, 2003.

For sure IXUS 400 has better image quality, I have own it for several months and now still very satisfy with it :)

this are some of the photo that I took when I just got my IXUS 400 in japan, you can take a look. I have to say these photos are not good enough since by the time I took them I am still not familiar with digital camera yet :)

-- Dylan (, August 17, 2003.

Is there any changes in the price of Canon Ixus 400? I mean has the price dropped? Anyway, how much does it cost now?

-- Peter (, September 12, 2003.

Been looking around for a digital camera and have just convinced myself yesterday that the choice will be Ixus 400. But too bad, this camera was offered at $849 at Boon's booth at Commex. And I am not sure if the offers is still on? It comes with 2x128 CF and a card reader and some other freebies. Thought that it was a good deal as the CF would probably cost about $120 & the CF reader about$20.

Anybody knows of a good offer or shop somewhere that can offer a good price, please let me know.


-- Amos (, September 13, 2003.

Have anyone checked the price of Canon Ixus 400 in Sim Lim? What is the price now?

-- Shawn (, September 20, 2003.

Best quote i got was S$ 700 excl GST + $ 95 for 256 mb CF card, i am planning to buy in this week, if anyone heard a better price please advice...thanks

-- Vivek (, September 21, 2003.

Where can I get the a Canon IXUS 400 for a good price in Singapore? Please anyone.

-- Richard Han (, November 19, 2003.

Anyone know what is the cheapest price for Canon IXUS 400 in town ? Where ? Planning to get it.

-- Kou Ryou (, January 14, 2004. 330 euro

-- Johan stolle (, March 01, 2004.

There is a IT Show in Singapore from March 11-14 at Suntec City. That would be the cheapest place in town if you are physically in Singapore. There would be plenty of freebies given as well such as additional memory or battery. Otherwise try they have the lowest price year round.

I found this model at Cybermind at 749.-- they are located in Sim Lim Square.

-- Monte (, March 06, 2004.

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