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Hey, Cartoon Network is showing Reign again @ 1:30am (est)and I think it's awesome but I am confused about one thing (actually a lot of things) though, I was wondering if someone can help me understand somethings:

In episode IV: Ascension to the throne......was Aristotle going to assasinate the king? Or was it all just a plan to make Alexander look good to the people? I remember Cassandra was asking Aristotle where he went and he said he went to look @ the statues.....also, was Olympias going to kill the king also or just Eurydice and her son? And what the heck is up with Olympias? Does she love Alexander or is she just trying to rule the world thru him? Last night, Olympias seemed pissed that Alexander didn't kill everyone to avenge HER wounded pride.

Please help me to understand! Thanx

-- Omega (, May 16, 2003


I hate to say this, because I know people hate to hear this, but I think you are suppose to somewhat draw your own conclusions. After you see it the first time, this may seem stupid, but it sorta pieces together the more you watch it.

-- Joshua Aldridge (, May 16, 2003.

But it makes for a fun debate! :D

In reverse order: Olympias in fact & fiction is the ultimate stage mother. She worships him to the point of obsession, but it's definitely not a selfless love. The RL Alexander, referring to what Olympias expected of him in return for carrying him for 9 months, said he was paying a high price for rent.

I think they definitely meant to imply that Olympias was gunning for Philip too at that point. What use was he to her after Alexander's path to the throne had been cleared with the elimination of Eurydice & child? Plus, why leave the wifeless king around to find a new queen & sire another heir? Historically, Olympias is suspected as a co-conspirator in his death (some say backed with Persian funds - not a smart deal, considering the ultimate result)

Re Aristotle - now I'm wondering. I caught the tone of utter disgust in Aristotle's voice when discussing the statues with Philip - another flawless John Lee moment. I'll have to go back & watch it again.


-- byrony (, May 19, 2003.

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