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We have a new video on Drawbridge, CA, the life and death of a town.

See a description of the show at www.envmedia.com

Are there ways to spread the word about this wonderful bit of SF history??

Thank you.

-- Bill Pendergraft (bpendergraft@envmedia.com), May 16, 2003


Ever heard of strange new concept called public advertising?

-- Sean M. Hall (chunkylover53@sfhe.cjb.net), May 16, 2003.

I looked at your web page about Drawbridge and was not impressed by its description of the origin of the place. It was not established as a duck hunting town, but as a railway utility. The railroad needed a drawbridge keeper stationed in the middle of the slough to operate the bridge, and built him a cabin, hence the name. The duck hunters were an unintended consequence.

I used to pass through Drawbridge twice a day on the ACE trains, and was repeatedly informed both by railroad employees and the local park rangers that it was strictly off limits. I tried for months to get a permit to film it for a media project of my own, and was always turned down on the grounds that it's a federal refuge and totally closed to non-park and non-railroad employees, but it seems that you got permission somehow. Congratulations.

-- Sarah Stegall (munchkyn@munchkyn.com), July 13, 2003.

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