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Uhm... have they picked the actress yet?.. Just wondering.. and when is this set to be realeased?.. and how seious is this project going?

-- Carlos (cmtv12@hotmail.com), May 16, 2003


You know if they do ever make this movie instead of concentrating on the actress I would hope they would concentrate on the plot. I would like to see a brief involvement with a young Aeon in the beginning of the film, maybe during wartime Berognica; before the split took place and Monica and Bregna were made. It suggests a schizm, a schizoid atmosphere. It might be interesting to see just how a girl like Aeon evolves to her complex adult self. Hitchcock once said something to the effect that we all have a dark and a light side. What is interesting is the degree of space between them.

-- Barb e (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), June 22, 2003.

Jeremy; I see your point, a lot of people might feel that way. It would take away from the mystery and that is part of the attraction to Aeon Flux. As for Kim, she does resemble her, right down to her ears. Compare that shot of Kim to the cover of the Herodotus File, its pretty close to the same pose.

-- Barb e (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), June 28, 2003.

Does anyone know if it is still a go for Charlize Theron to play Aeon, and if there is any involvement with the 'real' creators?

-- Barb e (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), April 29, 2004.

id have carrie ann moss play aeon i think thats her name u know trinity from the matrix

-- adam (sk8eradam3001@hotmail.com), May 25, 2003.

YES! carrie ann moss! there is a scene in the original matrix when trinity is unpugged and looks up at tank and says "you're hurt". the look on her face made me think Aeon evry time i saw it. unfortunately i forget about it in between viewings :) i'll still stick by my other choice tho, live tyler, as plan-b

-- cory guy (gauthier1222@rogers.com), May 25, 2003.

NOoooo! Carrie Ann Moss is just too sweet, too sympathetic, so soft- looking for Aeon...

They need someone extremely sharp and sarcastic to play Aeon - like Linda Fiorentino!

-- Sierra M. (mzflux@hotmail.com), May 29, 2003.

and what is about Lara Flynn Boyle as aeon flux? i think she could be a good aeon flux, but carrie ann moss would be a great choice, too....

-- lars (lars@reflektorium.de), June 02, 2003.

lara flynn boyle...yes, another perfect aeon (visually anyway)

-- cory guy (gauthier1222@rogers.com), June 02, 2003.


Natasha Henstridge - If I had any influence on who should be picked for the roll - this is the girl. Visually she's right on. Ok, she's apparently a natural blond, but that's an easy fix ;P Give it a few moments, look through some photos of Natasha and Aeon.. I think you'll agree :P

As far as a film in general... I'm not too hot on the idea of a live action version. I'd much rather see Peter attempt either something completely CG (he seemed really excited about using it in Animatrix) or another hybrid 2D/3D (probably best) Chances are, a live action version would try to stray too far from the original feel.


-- Jeremy Buttell (jeremy@cryogeen.com), June 21, 2003.

http://www.dunas.com/natasha8.html - more appropriate shot.


-- Jeremy Buttell (jeremy@cryogeen.com), June 21, 2003.

there's this girl, (her name is Kim Iglinsky),unfortunately she's not an actress,(a supermodel), but her facial features are strikingly resemblant to Aeon's visage.

take a look http://www.supermodels.it/iglinsky1/zoom/06.htm

-- toto (udaabh@yahoo.com), June 24, 2003.


Yes, good find. Didn't hit me right away, but I can see it. To me, A bit more masculine features than Natasha, but then again Aeon isn't your typical girl so Kim might be more appropriate (visually.) Heh, not the thing one normally looks at - but Kims hairline is particularly similar to Aeon's :D http://www.supermodels.it/iglinsky1/zoom/20.htm


-- Jeremy Buttell (jeremy@cryogeen.com), June 28, 2003.


definitely...I'd of course hope they get the script down first, though too much explanation of Aeon's origins would be a bit damaging for me. I still like mystery... trying to understand a character through present expression/actions, needless to say - leaves more to the imagination.



-- Jeremy Buttell (jeremy@cryogeen.com), June 28, 2003.

That kim iglinsky... her face is almost frighteningly similar to Aeon's.


-- skye (skyknyt@aol.com), June 28, 2003.


-- Nick C. Ollide (nickcollide@hotmail.com), February 23, 2004.

yes, and I'm sure that if a clothing model turned out to play Aeon, the movie would be spectacular, right? Right.......

-- Max W. (antiflarm@hotmail.com), February 24, 2004.

Well, good actors have come from modeling before.

But Aeons a model anyway. By memory...

-- Sam (janecherrington@paradise.net.nz), February 24, 2004.

In one of the shorts, on that magazine, right?

-- Sam (janecherrington@paradise.net.nz), February 24, 2004.

What's going on with greenspun? Moving or is it dead?

-- M-ACE (m-ace@centralwow.com), May 05, 2004.

Well it looks pretty dead to me. I wish Barb would just get her shit together and put it back up on password protection, as opposed to just giving up on us like this.

-- Ashly Kehl / your hair is good to eat AG8SYN

-- your hair is good to eat (stefburk@metrocast.net), May 10, 2004.

(sorry, messed up my website address in my sig.)

- Ashly Kehl / Your Hair is Good to Eat


as if anyone cares.

-- your hair is good to eat (stefburk@metrocast.net), May 10, 2004.

Hey Ashley you have your own forum now, why not just go there? Why are you still bothering with this one?

-- Linus M. (LinusM.@earthlink.net), May 10, 2004.

Nothins goin on over there. Hasn't been a new post for a week now.

And I have a certain sentimental attachment to this forum, even though I kind of jumped into it during the last few months. I liked it here before, now it's fucked, but I still check back every now and then to see if someone's fixed it. No one has. There aren't any more rednecky posts but this forum is almost totally dead.

But that doesn't mean I've completely resigned my post as Active Contributer #22.

--Ashly Kehl / your hair is good to eat --[ AG8SYN ]--

-- your hair is good to eat (stefburk@metrocast.net), May 10, 2004.

Screw the sigs. 'Snot like you can't get enough of em.

-- your hair, etc. (stefburk@metrocast.net), May 10, 2004.

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