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With the ABC always complaining about funding, why doesn't it turn off some of its unnecessary transmitters? It could save itself a lot of money by running its networks more efficiently.

Here is an example of areas where ABC radio networks have doubled up. The doubles in these areas are of the same network & are both high powered transmitters (in excess of 10,000 watts of power) in most cases.

Grafton NSW 738 AM & 92.3 FM (both these 50kw each!)

Albury NSW 675 AM & 106.5 FM.

Cooma NSW 100.9 & 95.3.

Sale VIC 828 AM & 100.7 FM.

SBS Radio - Sydney 1107 AM & 97.7 FM SBS Radio - Melbourne 1224 AM & 93.1 FM.

For a cost conscience ABC, it should look at clipping the 'glut' of its radio networks & in doing so, would probably save most programming from the axe. Also should reduce the power output of some of its 50kw giants.

Personally, I think that Newsradio is a luxury the ABC could do without, considering there is comprehensive news coverage on other ABC radio networks.

They could also back to closing down from midnight to dawn like they used too!


-- Anonymous, May 15, 2003

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