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well hey every one i got this little pitty bike, like 10 inch rims and all well i hooked up a home lite wipper on it and that was gutless so i went and bolted up my dads still fs86 wipper snipper that gave it some kick but i got to the end of the street and the shaft i turned up on the laythe twisted off at where it went in the cluch to much power or something i had a support over the other side! but in the end i was left searching for more power. so i seen his still chainsaw and i thought hmmmmmmmmm wouldnt that look sweet. well i have worked it out if the moter was doing 11000rpm i would be scooting around at around 57km/m i think this is a propper calculation. well what sort of chainsaw would you use and how would you get a small sproket on the clutch bell where the old one is and whats the smallest go cart sproket you can get. cause i need around a 11:1 ratio i think cause of the 10 inch rims (12 inch tyre) can you get back to me with some sugestions thanks; luke

-- luke f (, May 15, 2003


hey im 12 i have done the same thing i built a bike with 12 inch rims i mounted the engine above the back tire then i put a bike chain stright down but u need to mounting the engine i used a old chain saw engine it didnt work but i cleaned the carb the thing gos about 35-40 mph

-- steve v (, May 16, 2003.

would this work on a gokart

-- brett (, May 19, 2003.


-- TJ Poseno (, June 30, 2003.

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