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I'm doing some research about work teams and I found a lot of good stuff about it. However, I'm looking for the other side of work team... How work team gone bad, what is the failure rate, what causes failures in work teams and so on. Any articles or directions will be appreciated.


-- Tom Shaked (, May 14, 2003


i am sorry. i havent gone bad yet. weve just been doing this for 2 weeks and i am at a loss as to where to get info that might help me with this team thing. i dont know where to start. it came so fast. they want chartersa and the whole bunch of stuff going like last week. help. ive never been to a place like this, i answered one other thing that asked a question, but i dont know if this is considered a chat room or what. or just a place for people to put their questions or what?? se... i am new to everything. help. sorry to bug you, but i am really a nice funny person with this ton of team stuff drowning me i think. or something. thanks for listening to me. jeannie

-- jeannie rosebeary (, June 30, 2003.

this is not fare, I am looking for help and an answer and now you want an answer also.

My thounght, teams go bad when they fail to recognize the need to regroup and plan. they stay too stuck on the goal given instead of changing the goal.

-- arnita fowler (, July 26, 2004.

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