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please help me compare and contrast the black cat to the gold bug thanks!!! i need this buy may 15 please!

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2003


Yow. The first thing might be the gallow marking on the cat and the skullmarking on the scarab, both illusions accurately foreshadowing fate and the story resolution. Both stories concentrate thusly on an extraneous non-human catalyst that draws the people into a plot and action obsessively, provoking a strong emotion. Oddly the treasure puzzle is more a mystery than the murder tale and the first person narrator of "The Black Cat" is nuts with drink and redirected rage and guilt. For the doomed narrator of the latter tale, the experience is aweinspiring and central, his poor dead wife an accident in every sense of the word. For the two happy treasure hunters, going into the mystery of death reveals truth and fortune through their healthier wits and they are the masters of their experience.

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2003

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