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had 2 surgeries, one year apart, on both ankle to "repair" the laxicity. Basiciall, I was told, he Dr rerouted the ligaments thru the bones in the foot to tighten them up.

Im still have pain in my ankles, IM not spraining them anymore (yet), but sometimes the pain is pretty bad. The Dr says,, it will take time,, but one is going on 2 years now. Should it take this long?

-- Stan (, May 13, 2003


In general, for most orthopedic procedures, maximum medical improvement has been achieved by the end of the first year. Some improvement can take place between the first and second years. However, any symptoms that are experienced after a full 24 months from the surgical procedure can be considered as due to residual underlying disease, or ongoing inflammation,including scar formation from the operation, and are unlikely to spontaneously improve.

-- David S. Hungerford, M.D. (, May 27, 2003.

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