Was St. Paul a Lawyer by Training?

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I have finally gotten around to reading some back articles in the AME Review. To my knowledge, the Review is the only referred journal in the AMEC. One article, written over a year ago by an AME Today BB member, Larry Coleman, investigates the intriguing question about Paul's professional background. Parson Coleman provides a compelling argument (no doubt borrowing his skills from jurisprudence) why Paul was a member of the legal profession and not just a "tent-maker". This is a must-read article not just because "one of our own" is the author, but more importantly it provides a careful dissection of the facts associated with Paul's background. Unfortunately the Review is not in my office right now so I can't provide the citation. I'll provide citation in a follow-up post. Kudos to Rev. Coleman for shedding much needed insight in this important area. QED

-- Anonymous, May 09, 2003


Did you ever locate the Review? would love to read the article. I am a Paulophile.


-- Anonymous, July 01, 2003

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