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I've read a lot about yerba mate, but want to know about the drink. It's highly popular in South America and is said to give good blood circulation and is high in antioxidants. What do you think?

-- Jim V (, May 08, 2003


Yerba mate is fantastic. Im suprised it hasnt caught on more in the US. The taste is great for most varieties. I like to sip through a few cups every morning- the morning sleepy feeling is cured almost instantly. I get a great boost- but not uncomfortable like coffee. It doesnt hurt my stomach like coffee and tea, in fact it helps my stomach and digestion. It also instantly erases a mild hangover. (I dont drink alcohol much, so I cant say about a major hangover). I have noticed that my overall health and endurance is strong, and my sleep patterns are steady. I work 2 jobs, 6 hours a week, yerba mate seems to be a healthy means to maintain vigor. I have on occasion consumed too much mate, and felt a little too boosted, but I tend to be very sensitive to caffeine. I think the main reason mate has not caught on more popularity in the states is the ridiculous pricing.

-- kris (, May 14, 2003.

i meant to say 60 hours per week.

-- kris (, May 14, 2003.

I love Yerba Mate! I used to be the original coffee queen. I ordered my coffee from New Orleans, no star bucks for me! I drank at least 5 cups a day . it got to the point where espresso wasn't quite strong enough. I always felt lousy and suffered from Migraines. My sister told me to try Mate. I tried it, and started drinking it daily. Before I knew it I hadn't had any coffee for 2 weeks! and no withdrawal symptoms!and no more migraines The amazing thing is Mate is supposed to have less caffiene than green tea.( You need 100 tea bags of mate in 6 oz of water to equal the amount of caffiene in a cup of green tea) I have now switched over completely to Mate. I drink it the traditional way, loose tea in a cup with a straw( bombilla.) There is a HUGE PRICE DISPARITY ON THE INTERNET, SO SHOP AROUND. It really is not that expensive. You can get a kilo bag(2.2lbs) for about $4.00. Mnay sites offer free gourds and bombillas and or free shipping if you order over $25.00 worth of merchandise.

-- Nadine M (, June 05, 2003.

I'm not going to pretend not to have ulterior motives here... but the only way to see what yerba mate is all about is to try it. We are trying to offer high quality yerba at an affordable price. Our selection of mates and bombillas is extensive as well. I don't believe in promoting all of the yerba hype I hear out there these days--but it is our favorite tea and has a great use-every-day flavor.

-- Karl Heiss (, June 21, 2003.

I was recommended yerba mate recently and had a very positive experience. Unlike the previous posters, the effect for me was not immediate, but after several days of drinking a cup or two a day I definitely noticed an increase in energy, similar to coffee but w/o the jitters. The quality is a big question though - I buy mine at a very good store in new york, it's a bit more expensive but you can tell the high quality by the fresh smell and the absense of twigs and stems. The store has a website,, I think they ship out of new york as well.

-- rada (, July 13, 2003.

I offer yerba mate in my shop. I am located blocks from the university. The students come in in droves and refer to it as the concentration tea. I try always to get feed back from all my customers and the most consistant comments are -they are more focused, clear minded, are energized and refreshed for hours, without the coffee, crash or the jitters. for those who have anxiety or depression issues, it calms them and they are able to sleep. That it also keeps them regular. There are many other comments, but suffice it to say, it is the most amazing whole body tonic tea I have ever come across. I have only heard of two negatives. People with immune system issues where they must take drugs to suppress their immune system such as lupus, they get the jitters, I suppose it being a tea that apparently boosts their immune system, they will react, therefore stop. The other thing I heard, is a correlation of South Americans that have drank mate for many years traditionally with a gourd and bombillia get throat and esophagas cancer. I did some digging and understan that there are no apparent chemical compound found in mate to cause cancer and I confirmed this evening while talking to a doctor friend at dinner that it is more than likely that the cancer was due to not waiting for the tea to cool and drinking very hot tea, burning their throat so often. So that is the short of it. It is a very healing tea. Try it once, you will feel a difference after that one cup. Be well, Joyce

-- joyce y. (, November 22, 2003.

so far i notice not much of anything; even though i have been taking it only a few days. so dont know if its supose to take effect imediatly or not.hoping soon though.

-- monica martin (, December 02, 2003.

I found the best information about yerba mate to be located at http: // - this site does not sell yerba mate but is a rainforest plant database... hope this helps

-- Robert (, December 10, 2003.

I am from Uruguay, South America, and I can tell you that Yerba Mate is the single most popular thing to drink. From first thing in the morning, to afternoon tea, to bed-time. It's always time for Mate. It is called "Mate" (Mah-Teh) because the word yerba in Spanish refers to the actual crushed leaves. We drink it from a dried gourd with a stainless steel straw. I can tell you that for people who eat as much meat, and as many pastries as the typical Uruguayan does, I have never seen so many healthy people in my life. I would be happy to forward some of my favorite brands of yerba to anyone who is interested, or answer any questions. Mostly I find it interesting that something so common for us has become so popular in the U.S. I now live in Hawaii, but find that I can find it just about anywhere. It is incredibly high in antioxiants, and is very helpful in digestion. I grew up with it, so I love the taste, but I haven't found an American friend yet who enjoys it.

-- Tish Montoya (, December 23, 2003.

Aviva has a pretty inclusive FAQ sheet with updated research and clinical studies on yerba mate. It can be downloaded on request from their website...

-- Mark Jackson (, December 24, 2003.

I have been drinking two cups of Yerba Mate tea daily for about two months. I have found that it has improved my sleep, digestion, and fatigue. I have not missed my morning coffee at all. I had a hard time finding the tea where I live in Toronto, Canada. Most of the herbal stores were sold out or did not have it in stock.

-- Rachel Todorovic (, December 30, 2003.

I have been drinking Mate for over 12 years. I was first introduced to it here in Hawaii by Argentine friends. I love coffee but it amps me out too much and causes my digestion lots of problems. There are a lot of places to buy Mate locally but the quality isn't good (too many stems). Almost everyone with whom I share the gourd loves it. My mother suffers from reflux and it has given her a great substitute.Salud!

my opinion: The main reason Argentine economic production is so low is because the average worker only has one hand free to work. The other is wrapped around the mate or the termo. jeje

-- Pat W (, January 07, 2004.

I have been drinking yerba mate for about four months. I used to have horrible IBS episodes but since drinking the tea, I no longer have them. I feel better in so many ways and am so glad I don't have to be on any medication for my IBS. The price is definitely worth the benefits.

-- Lorri M (, January 17, 2004.

Today I drank a cup of Traditional Medicinals Ginger Energizer Tea for I was out of my usually morning tea. 15 minutes late I felt a rush of energy that I had not expected and attributed it to the tea. I then explored more about what was in this Ginger tea and found that Yerba Mate was a prime ingredient. I love it but need to know if there are any implications for it causing Cancer. Can someone direct me to a research site that would address this question in further detail involving any studies? Thanks alot.

-- Jane Lang (, January 22, 2004.

I just started drinking mate tea, because I need to boost my immune system, I feel. I bought the tea at a pretty good price at FIESTA, which is a Mexican store that has some Latin items from other parts of Latin America, and I would look into finding latin stores rather than going to your health store which charge way too much.

-- Basil (, January 26, 2004.

Yeah, i love the stuff, I grew up in the states but at the school i went to some of the professors were south american missionaries. They got me hooked on the stuff as whenever we'd talk, we'd sit around and pass the tetare around. I like it as a coffee substitute for late night studies. I dont know if the yerba itself was keeping me up, or the constant need to use the bathroom from continuous water drinking though :) It does leave you feeling alot healthier than drinkin coffee would. My professors swear by the stuff though, said they could put even the dirtiest water in it while traveling down rivers and stuff and by the time it all strained through the yerba. Personally i think it tastes alot better w/ cold water than hot but its drinken both ways.

-- Nathan B (, January 27, 2004.

also if you shop around online or on ebay you can find it for about 4- 5 bucks a kilo.. but watchout, sometimes they'll tag you w/ super high shipping charge.

-- (, January 27, 2004.

When I graduated high school in 2001, I spent my life savings on a trip to Uruguay, and also visited Brazil y Argentina. Between the three of those countries, I must have seen a billion combinations of Mates and bombillas.(by the way,in uruguay and most everywhere else, two l's are pronounced like sh.[bombisha]) Anywho, It took me a long time to find a pair to fit my personality, But finally on the great streets of uruguay, I found it. After that, I fit right in in South America, Everytime you go to the park, or get on the bus in Uruguay, Everyone has a mate. Its insane. But I encourage North America to join in. I for one am proud to be a pioneer in the North American Yerba Revolution!

-- Justin Paul Gosman (, January 29, 2004.

I love Yerba Mate. I drink it gringo style like tea with milk and sugar. Make it in a drip coffee maker. I sometimes have it traditional style, but the drip method works best at the office wher I do most of my drinking.

I used to get my Mate from Fiesta stores until I discovered Gran Tangolandia ( , a store here in Houston that has a web site. They offer thirty different brands of Mate at affordable prices. I've ordered from them twice with great results.

-- Cody Clark (, February 03, 2004.

you look for good price in yerba mate ? mail to distribuitor.

-- santa fe import/export (, February 12, 2004.


-- santa fe import/export (, February 12, 2004.

Hi Folks! I live in Argentina, and as you'd probably guess, drink "the tea" non-stop. Minutes ago, my termo fell to the floor and broke, so I jumped to the web to get the same brand, and Good Old Google brought me here! Just wanted to say HI to you all, and encourage to keep on tasting this "tea", but I'd also like to give you a few hints, since I read the posts and got the feeling that you've been slightly misinformed. SouthAm's don't think of yerba mate as a tea, but as an infusion. Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil are the main consumers, varying the way of having it not only from country to country but also from region to region. Different ways have also different names: mate [mah teh] is yerba (herb) in a recipient, whith HOT water and a straw. Mate cocido [mah teh coh siih doh] is similar to common tea, replacing tea with yerba. Mate de leche [mah teh deh leh cheh] is like mate cocido, but using milk instead of water. And finally tereré [teh reh reh] is like ordinary mate, but using COLD water instead of hot. Cancer? No way! Almost ALL southamericans drink about 50 (fifty!) mates a day. Think of the odds! We'd all be dying (and believe me, we are not) May be a few got it, but I'd bet me beard that they would have got it even if they only had drunk milk. They just HAD to have it. I'm no doctor, but know it for a fact. Another thing: PLEASE! Don't drink it for its boost-me-up-and-make- my-blood-circulate-with-lots-of-antioxidants properties (which I won't deny), but because you like its taste! Just like people isn't drinking wine because of the healing properties of the grape, but cos they like wine! Let me insist: Want to have herbs to cure you? Talk to your doctor and have him give you some drugs. Want to drink a tasty infusion? Give mate a try. Of course, if there's ANY question you want to aske me, or if you want me to help you get some of the elements you need to try this, email me: I'd be happy to help spread the word.

-- Adolfo Pedernera (, March 15, 2004.

Hello you all ! Greetings from the Heart of South America ! I was actually doing some research for my website (where I sell guampas, bombillass, etc), when I found this thread and liked so much that all that people know and enjoy Yerba Mate, that I decided to contribute something, if I may. Digging in Google and other search engines, I have found many websites that erroneously state the scientific name of Yerba Mate as "ilex paraguariensis", when the correct scientific denomination is "Ilex Paraguayensis", because it was originally studied here in Paraguay, as also was the ka'a he'e ("Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni") or sweet leaves from Paraguay, famous for its sweetening power.

-- Walter Bendlin (, March 17, 2004.

Hello, i'm french so escuse my language.... I know maté since last week, it is a couple of uruguay friend who offer my first cup of this drink.. My first feeling was strange. When i taste that, i haven't sleep since 2 days, and i was very surprise by his effect. Twenty minutes after i had fell a powerfull feeling of energy. But i have an big big problem: i know where i can buy yerba maté (station metro "NOAILLES" in marseille), but i haven't seen any bombilla, cause i want a bombilla with double angle (like an "S"). So if it's french or marseillais or anybody who know a website wher i can buy it, i'd like to know :p.

-- fyxx_zkt (, March 26, 2004.

i'm an uruguayan in marseille...XD....yerba of noailles it's no good, it has got the taste of the spices!! i don't know where to buy yerba here....i know that a shop in centre bourse has little and prety boites but with a crazy price! nevertheless you can find bombillas there...nature calling it's the shop name.....but WHERE TO FIND YERBA HERE!!????

-- ogmy mac (, April 18, 2004.

Hallo Firstly I will present myself: my name is Radu Grosu, I study at the university of Amsterdam, and I try to write my graduation thesis for Cultural Anthropology about yerba mate and the cultural role it played in the past and it plays nowadays in Argentina and Uruguay. In september I go to Argentina for research (again). But until then I would like to send you some questions about the contribution of mate to the identity of the people which consume it. If you would like to give my some response, short or long, it will help my a lot. Of course the questions are more meant for the South Americans, but please feel free to comment. I´m writing my thesis drinking mate of course, but my Argentinean stock is gone by now, and in Amsterdam I found it in a herbs shop. Here there are more different sorts, Paraguaian and Brazilian. Questions: 1. Do you think that yerba mate plays a role in the identity of the people which drink it? 2. Do you feel connected with the past of your country drinking mate? 3. What means drinking mate to you? This is enough for the moment. Sincerely, Radu Grosu

-- Radu Grosu (, May 15, 2004.

i love yerba mate! it saves me!! i have chronic fatigue and it really helps me to excercise and get up and going. coffee has given me really abd anxiety, but mate is smooth and refreshing1 i love it, i love yerba mate!!! its yummy too!!

-- jaq (, June 28, 2004.

Oh Boy!! I love Yerba Mate. Ever since I worked in a ski resort called Las Lenas in Argentina, I have been drinking Yerba Mate. The problem is... I am all out and I would like to buy some pronto. I am in Vancouver, Canada. Does anyone have any information about Yerba Mate in Vancouver??

Let me know... Please!!!

-- John Marino (, July 13, 2004.

I just bought salante from yerbamatecafe. i am getting married in 3 months so i read that yerbamate clears your skin and promotes healthy weight here goes!!! How long until you can tell a diff?

-- Seema (, July 29, 2004.

I discovered Yerba Mate about a year ago in a health food store in Thunder Bay. I have since found another store selling it. I love it! I would like to find a Canadian source to purchase a gourd/bombilla. Any ideas?

-- Beverly Soloway (, August 06, 2004.

Hi, I must say some people are misinformed about caffeine levels in yerba mate, it has double the caffeine of green tea so that's where the amazing boost comes from. I have drank it for about two years now but it doesn't really do anything special for me but get me past my caffeine jolt. Cmon people its just tea.... taste is bad too

-- Robin Kohli (, September 15, 2004.

I love yerba mate! I'm trying now to grow some.

-- matt miller (, October 03, 2004.

To John Marino,

In answer to your question about where you can find yerba mate tea in Vancouver, go to the "T" store on West Broadway, one block west of Granville St. It costs $14.95 per 100 g, but it is organic and of very fine quality. I think they sell the gourds there too. There is also a store called "Teaz" on Granville, two blocks north of Granville, and I think they sell the tea there too, and their prices are better, but the quality is not quite as good as "T".

Anyone who is near London Ontario, go to the Covent Garden Market on King St, downtown, to the Teahaus, (on the second floor) and they sell the loose organic yerba mate tea and the gourds. The quality is excellent and so are the prices.

Good luck


-- Alesa (, October 25, 2004.

Hello everyone -- Some great information here. Anyone know where to find mate in Dallas, Texas? Any info or help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

-- Blane Bachelor (, October 29, 2004.

Just saw a truly incredible film by Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein. "The Take" is a must see regardless, but if you're a fan of mate then it's well - a must see. I'd never heard of it before but was "maid curious" and found this thread and read right through it. Go see the movie - I'm goin for a mate.

-- t millard (, October 30, 2004.

Hello again,

I'm looking for some feedback about mate from some native South Americans ... How much would a mate and bombilla cost in South America, on average? Are there any particular customs/etiquette people should keep in mind while they drink it? What are the brands of mate that are the most popular to drink?

Any input would be much appreciated ... Mil gracias por todo!

-- Blane Bachelor (, October 31, 2004.

Hello , i knew a shop in MARSEILLE who sell yerba maté. It's rosamonte and one another , this shop is "terre d'epice" and he is at the place of "la plaine" 13006 Marseille. Price are expensive but less than noaille, and the yerba is selling in original packaging, so it's the real taste of the yerba maté. The last time i'd buy a pack of rosamonte, for 500grams, it was 8 euros. And this shop also sell bombillas and calbases =) =). Guys who works in this shop are very sympatic and patient, and speak a lot of english. (i remeber to escuse my poor english, i'm french)..

-- Fyxx_zkt (, November 07, 2004.

Where is the best place in London to get Yerba mate? Any ideas?

Many thanks,

With warmest wishes,Julia

-- Julia Svetlichnaja (, November 24, 2004.

After searching all over Vancouver for someplace that sells gourds and guampas (I Teaz didn't have them and I couldn't find a number for "T")I called Ten Thousand Villages in Langley. They don't sell them there, but the woman I talked to has a son that sells them in Ladner...If your looking for a gourd around the Vancouver area, ask Olga at Ten Thousand Villages and she'll hook you up! PS: john marino! you crazy guy...I should have known I'd find you here...

-- m nieva (, December 17, 2004.

This is probably something that many people on this forum will not want to hear, but I think before you start taking any natural or herbal product you need to do some real research. Here are some links to research abstracts regarding Yerba Mate. These are all located on PubMed / Medline which is probably the best resource when doing research on anything you are going to put into your body. cmd=Retrieve&db=pubmed&dopt=Abstract&list_uids=12167417 cmd=Retrieve&db=pubmed&dopt=Abstract&list_uids=15261416 cmd=Retrieve&db=pubmed&dopt=Abstract&list_uids=12814995 cmd=Retrieve&db=pubmed&dopt=Abstract&list_uids=12808663

There are many more, but these are just a few of the key ones.

Take care, and be careful what you put into your body. Just because it's natural or organic does not mean it is totally safe.

Peter D

-- Peter Dawydchak (, December 20, 2004.

I love mate I have started drinking this summer but I get migrains and caffine irritates them does mate help people get over migrains?

-- T Bolio (, January 04, 2005.

I start Mate 2 months ago with fatigue and fats. I can't lose the extra kilos and they kept coming back even I managed to shed some. After drinking Mate, I lose weight successfully with my normal diet. I only get to know Mate does contribute to weight management over the web. I feel more energise and alert during work, no more migraine and gastric problems. I am getting my relatives and friends to try this fantastic tea.

-- jaime seow (, January 12, 2005.

Hi! All!! I've been on a Yerba kick since my visit to Argentina 2004, like most visitors, I observed many walking around with these neat lil cups, sipping all day long, my curosity won over, I asked and was shortly introduced to this Wonderful Product. I'll admit, my first taste wasn't a pleasant experience, but by my second taste forward, all was good to grand!!! Today, I start each morning with two/three cups of Yerba Taragui, brewed up either in my X coffee pot, or boiled water poored over my yerba for the full flavor. I strain an add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar....per cup. I truthfully feel better physically, I feel mentally sharpe and look forward to the day to day challanges. My weight has stablized, my diet has remained the same, where as before, my weight was flucuating all over the place.....(I believe it has something to do, with not having the desire to go for seconds, or feeling a need to clean my plate)....I've always been blessed with good genes, but recently (and often) I've been complimented on my youthful appearance,and vigor, this means allot to a man 52 who didn't solicit or expect it....No bragging intended, but these strangers who made the compliments, miscalculated my age by 6-10 and in between years......Therfore in Summary....I'm Hooked On the Yerba!!, and I've found stems or non-stems is just a personal preferance, and in my opinon has noting to do with the quality, the way I prepare my drink. Enjoy and Have Fun....My Respect to all!! Del

-- Delphino Cavazos (, January 28, 2005.

I've been drinking mate ever scence i got back from Bolivia this summer but now I've ran out of the mate that i brought back with I was woundering if anyone knows any secure sites that i can order it from. and what the best way to avoid identity theft.

-- T Bolio (, February 01, 2005.


-- Santa Fe import - export (, February 12, 2005.

Hey m_nieva, stopped by Teaz on Granville and they now sell gourds and bombillas. I also tried a new Mate that they carry called Carnival Mate. Mate fans need to try this. A 100g bag was just under $10. The aroma and flavour from the tea is truly amazing. Is anyone into white teas? I hear it is the new green tea.

-- (, March 02, 2005.

Where to get yerba in Vancouver....

The Superstore on Grandview highway and Rupert St. It is in the section of teas or int't foods, can't remember. It costs $2.99 for 500 Gr. Cheap, eh? You can also look for it at any spanish store, look for the free newspapers in spanish at any mex restaurant.

-- Ramon Ramirez (, March 15, 2005.

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