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Hello all, I've been notified of this wild kooky cartoon, whatever, sounds interesting but misleading. The historical figures that this is based upon were not superhero's, they did not reconstruct the universe, you people are not this retarded I am sure. I just wish to draw a distinction between these characters and the actual historical figures. Watching this show does not grant u knowledge on these figures, whatever you observe on it should not be an assumed truth. Many of the threads about this show have exemplified doody heads who are posting utter b.s., perhaps for the sake of social reward and weird anonomus people over the internet going "Oh wow he's so cool, he's smart." when the truth is they are giving out flawed information to people who will consume and then perpetuate it. You are soiling history and greatness when you do that, so I am requesting that people ask themselves if they fall into these catagories before posting something. If you do, please jam a fork in your neck and leave humanity alone. And if you are not sure of your information, don't try to sound like you know what you're talking about, there's no shame in going "I'm not sure but I think...."

-- Sayt Hen (, May 07, 2003


I think we're all aware that the Reign cartoon is FANTASTICAL and METAPHORICAL, thank you very much. Discussing the history behind it is just a way of clarifying what the creators were trying to do. If people become interested in the real history of Alexander through watching the show, more power to them.

As for "soiling greatness", I'll admit that I know jackshit about Alexander The Great, but I THINK (there you go) the show takes a fairly three-dimensional look at one of the most creative (Alexandria) and destructive (the poor shmucks who were in his way) people in human history.

But hey, you're welcome to join the discussion, provided you adopt a less patronizing tone in the future.

-- Inu (, May 08, 2003.

The funny thing about this is that people usually get this way over stuff like hardware specs and other geek stuff - you don't usually get people going mental because someone's 'soiling history'. In any case, I think history can look after itself - no-one here is going to be writing encyclopaedias any time soon. *bumbles off to see what a fork in the neck feels like - surely not as good as a spork...*

-- kanji fenderson (, May 09, 2003.

I don't know too too much about "Alexandrian history", but the show seems to be putting forth the basics: the relation between Aristotle, Plato, Alexander and the rest of the Greek legacy, the war with Persia, etc. But mostly importantly, it's presenting things ambiguously. Alexander is bloody and may indeed cause the end of entire nations. I think in this way it's being as historically accurate as it needs to be. He's not a good guy or a bad guy (but this whole theme is old hat to this group... I won't get into it.)

-- Mat Rebholz (, May 09, 2003.

If you are concerned about a cartoon rewriting history that took place before the Romans(note no exact date because I don't know),then I suggest you think about much more serious mediums that defile history on a daily basis.The record of current events is edited before it is written;we still don't really know what happened with JFK,MLK,the last election,Iran-Contra,9/11,Tupac(just kidding) and we probably never will.

And please,Satan,if you want people here to respect you,single out the statement you call bullshit on,so the other person has a chance to defend themselves.That's how good debates start.Oh,and only cowards use fake names and addresses when they are insulting someone.

-- alex walsh (doesn't, May 18, 2003.

First off, I am not a coward, I have nothing to fear, but I think I am entitled to my right of privacy, thank you. Second off, I am not going to single out EVERY THREAD I've found filled with bs, that takes too much time. This was a request on my end, asking people not to post bullshit. The fact that people got offended, or at least decided to take the offensive, illistrates how personally and seriously people take a simple forum, which is grounds for the bsing so someone out there in internet land goes "Oh my he's so cool cause he sounds smart." As for my patronizing tone? Who am I patronizing? Just the stupid meat heads out there I just described, if ur not one of them, then you really shouldn't care. Finally, I am fully aware that history is re-edited before pasted in a history textbook, I seriously dislike that I well, but that doesn't mean that people out there have to start making up obscure sounding information and attribute it to a dead man who issued no such nonsense. I'm shocked at the hostility around here, specifically the dude above me. I would be very much suprised if he was actually interested in a debate, there's also nothing to debate. I'll not venture a theory of why he decided to be hostile, it'll probly offend he fwagile wittle psyche.

-- Sayt Hen (, May 18, 2003.

Sayt Hen, I take it you're from the "Alexander The Great" forum? If so, I don't see what your problem is. There's plenty of intelligent people there to discuss history with. If we had posted Reign spam in your Alexander forum, then you'd have a reason to come here and flame us; but as it is, you just walked in and attacked us unprovoked.

Yes, these Reign threads are full of wild speculation; but have you contributed anything to them? No. The only factual information you gave was, and I quote, "the historical figures that this is based upon were not superhero's, they did not reconstruct the universe". That's pretty damn patronizing. The rest of your post is just insults. Are you honestly that incensed with us and our rape of history? ;-) Or more likely, are you trolling for a good response?

Oh, and saying that I shouldn't be angry because you're only attacking idiots is like saying you're not violent, you only kick dogs... even if I was totally devoid of compassion or empathy, I can extrapolate based on your (admittedly virtual) behavior. If I fueled the fire, I apologize; but you shouldn't have set it in the first place.

-- Inu (, May 18, 2003.

Whee. What is this, an exercise in the care and feeding of trolls? Seriously, if we wanted to learn about Alexander, we all know where is. We're here to discuss animation, duh. Oh, and the Greenspun AtG board is chock full of incredible crap - a never-ending stream of ignorant junior high kids looking for paper info and eager morons feeding them b.s...

-- Charles Martin (, June 02, 2003.

I don't understand trolls at all.

Clearly more up-close examination is needed...

-- Inu (, June 02, 2003.

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