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Dear Praying Family As you know I have asked your prayers for Rev. Haynes and his family as he has no Church in Bermuda to Pastor. He cannot be transferred out of Bermuda and stay (thus far) in the First District due to actions taken against him by the Bermuda Government due to work permit issues.

I have been advised that today he may be forced to leave the Parsonage with his family and his belongings. He is being forced out by the Church and yet there are no charges against him either for violations of civic or Church law that would require his removal.He has been Pastoring for 30 years, 19 in Bermuda. Lead more souls to God than most Pastors in Bermuda. He has had the electricity turned off and been subjected to insult and abuse as have his wife and family of four young daughters.

I spoke to him on Saturday and he described his experience as like a fish swimming up-stream. Please continue to pray for him. Pray that the Bishop find a suitable resolution to this nightmare.Pray that the Church and the Government work together to allow him to stay in the First District as he has a desire to grow for the lord.

Please do not forget him in your prayers!

God Bless You All

-- Anonymous, May 07, 2003


Dearest Nalton Brangman

Greetings ang Jesus' love to you and yours. I am sorry to hear about Rev. Haynes. However, my interest is arosed by the few lines that you put as background. Could you e-mail me a full story. I think we experienced more or less the same thing here in Namibia during the times of struggle. This story kindled the phrase captured in the book of Revelations of the people clothed in white, "these are those that were persecuted, suffered for my name"

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2003

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