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Hi, everyone the A.M.E. Herald a weekly news magazine has chat rooms that are now open. M,W,F 9 PM EST. and tonight tues and thurs. 7 pm pacific time. (please adjust to your time zones)

Please stop by. You do have to register and I have to admit, I had never been in a chat room before. So do plan to stop by and if no one is there check back. In upcoming weeks we will have topics to discuss but the first few weeks we just want to get people use to coming to the chat rooms. So feel free to email your friends and tell them to you in the chat rooms.

The times are posted on the A.M.E. Herald webpage


once you get to the actual chat page at the very bottom of the page is a white space and you type into that and press enter.

We did have a few people by on Monday and we thank them and we look forward to seeing you this week.

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2003

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