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Hi, anyone have any idea where's the good place to buy second hand/new digital camera with low price ? Anyone willing to sell your digicam ? please leave price, model, condition, warranty and years of using it. Thanks

-- KB Quah (kbquah@yahoo.com), May 06, 2003



I am selling my Fuji Finepix A202 at only S$199/-. This is a relatively new used camera, with 6 mths warranty, still in very good condition. No scratches! 2 million pixel resolution (good enough for any 4R photos) with 3x Digital Zoom. You may use it as a video cam or as a web cam. Price comes with an original FujiFilm camera case, an outdoor digi- case worth $10, a 16M new XD card and a Finepix mini-tripod absolutely FREE! A very good deal especially for students on budget.

Pls consider and email me if you are interested. Thanks, Jenny

-- Jenny AJ (jenny_applejuice@yahoo.com), May 08, 2003.


I'm selling my Konica Digital Revio KD-300Z set for $450. I got it in March this year so that I could use it for my birthday gathering, but a friend gave me an IXUS V3 as a present, so I ended up using the IXUS and keeping this camera untouched on my shelf.

It is made in Japan, has a CCD of 3.34 Megapixel, glass zoom lens, pretty much a semi-pro camera but letting it go since i'm not using it and it's already considered "second-hand". Everything is mint, including the unfilled warranty card.

the set comes with: Body Digital Revio X 1 Sharp 8MB SD Card X 1 LitIon Battery X 2 (one spare) USB Memory Card reader X 1 set (does not depend on software to read card) Power Adaptor X 1 Power Cable Flat 2-pin X 1 Power Cable Round 2-pin X 1 Camera-to-TV Cable X 1 (for those reviews and slideshows in the living room) Camera Sling X 1 Relevant References & CD-ROM

So if you're interested in a negotiation, do email me. If you need any other help on digital cameras do feel free to ask me. Cheers~

-- Reeve (yahlar@yahoo.com), May 18, 2003.

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