What is the poem Alone about?

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I love the poem Alone. I wondering if any one new anything about Poe and why he'd write such a poem

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2003


The Poem "Alone" has a lot of sybolism, but also its spells things out pretty clearly. In the poem he speaks about how his passions, his loves, his sorrow were from different places then those of the people around him and the rest of society. He speaks of when he was a child how he was different then the other children around him. If you read it closely, you could probably be able to understand it very well. It is actaully one of this easiest poems to read and understand. And the title takes the poems meaning and puts it perfectly in one word "Alone". Edgar Allan Poe felt alone in everything he did. As i said before-he felt alone in what his passions were, he felt alone in who and what he loved, and he felt alone in where and what he took his sorrows from.

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2003

Was written in a school friend's notebook and did not reappear in Poe's later writings. Probably expressing his identity as a poet to a friend in Romantic fashion. Starts with his set apart nature, sensitivity when young. THEN comes the poetic vision that "mystery that moves me still" looking at the world(nature) with those senses previously decribed. He sweeps through the panorama much as in the Biblical passage where the prophet comes to find the voice of God in the stillness. The cloud represents difference, uniqueness, focussed power in the modst of all else, resonating with hios own sense of himself.

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2003

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