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i need someone to tell me exactly what "the Valley of Unrest" is about!!! Is it about the environment?

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2003


Environment? In your dreams- or rather Poe's. This is a deliberate fantasy dreamscape not a nature poem. The symbolic connections between mood and scenery dramatized by ghostly legend create a vague abnd uneasy emotion. Drawn from his childhood memories of the Hebrides when he was in school in Britain, some of the words show blurred or mistaken recollections. Such as the place name "Nis" (Innis) which he changed to the valley of unrest.

Look at other poems and stories about silence that is so full of tension things move without wind or teeter on the brink of calamity. "Silence- A parable" and the sonnet. Like "The Lake" Poe is attracted to a place of haunting precisely for that peculiar mood where something hovers on the verge of briidigng the worlds. Compare especially to "The City in the Sea" with its motionless silence and tension.

Uses the same Once, Now structure as the poem "Alone"(Since, Then). This comparison of past and present also in the decay of "The Haunted Palace". "The airs that brood over the magic solitude" are dead and the dead are hinted at in the airless restlessness of the plants. A delicate suggestive balance where dreams unite the world and the beyond.

-- Anonymous, May 07, 2003

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