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i am doing a 5-7 page essay on poes, murders at the rue morgue, the premature barial, and the tale ell heart..i need some critisms to help back me up on my idea of relating poes characters psychological stae to his psychological stae whe he wrote it.. thank you.. aub

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2003


His psychological state was that of artist in need of money and in love with writing. Poe himself was part of the Romantic writers' exploration of the extreme limits of experience and the psyche. His characters often have that poetic sensitivity and taste, if not artists themselves. In the Pit we see perhaps more bluntly the analytic side of Poe in the common soldier pushed to the limits of insanity and mental challenge. Dupin fuses the intuitive lover of msytery with the scientific analyst.

You might say in looking at the variations of characters, their successes, the use of humor)Poe was examining all the possibilites of this type of experience, the conflict, the vertigo compulsion to self destruction versus salvation by logic, the immense unconquerable powers of the world and death.

-- Anonymous, May 07, 2003

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