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Hi, I'm a beginner who needs a new camera... I've been using my father's nikon fm10 for about 2 years now.

I've asked around and gotten several different pieces of advice...

either a) a nikon FM2 b) a nikon f90 c) canon EOS 300 (there's an offer going on now with EOS300 and a 75-300mm zoom lens going for 798 OR a EOS 300v going for 698)

my budget is say about max 1500? but that includes the lenses (i've been told that the 28-90mm f4-5.6 that comes with the canon EOS 300 is really lousy)...

I'm mainly hoping to do some travel photography, and i've been trying architechture for the last 2 years and i'm hoping to do some people shots

I've been adviced to get an AF camera, but i'm still a little attached to the good old maual thingy.

Can someone advice me on what camera i should get? I would appreciate it if you could also give me some advice on what lenses i should get with the camera body

-- Alexander Wong Shing Yip (, May 05, 2003


i forgot to mention that i'd appreciate it if the budget could go below 1000.. but i've been looking at the prices, and i'm wondering if i can get a decent setup for below that price...

-- Alexander Wong Shing Yip (, May 05, 2003.

Alexander, Perhaps you can consider the Minolta dynax 5 (less than $800 with 2 decent lenses). If not, you can always get the Canon EOS 300 body and match it with the IS zoom lens. Without adding anything else, that should be around 1.5K.

-- Loke W F (, May 05, 2003.

hello Alex,

Getting an AF camera doesn't mean you have to give up "the good old manual thingy". You can always switch the AF off and set the camera to manual mode, so you can focus and adjust exposure manually to your heart's content.

Since you're already familiar with a Nikon camera, I suggest you stick with the same brand. The FM2 is a superb body. It'll work without batteries but is bit pricey for a manual body (look to spend around $400 - $500 for one in good condition). The F90/90x is a better choice, i reckon. It has enough features to keep a keen amature happy or to satisfy a seasoned pro. It's the kind of camera that'll grow with you. But as with all AF camera's, once the battery dies, the camera dies with it. (luckily, the F90/90x uses ordinary AA size batteries, so it's readily available practically anywhere.)

As for suggestion is a wide to short telezoom, say something in the range of 24-80 or 28-105. A 50mm prime lens is, in my opinion, is another "must have". It's light and fast and is great for grab shots. Personally I prefer to build up a system of lenses and avoid purchasing one "do-it-all super zooms". But if you want just one lens to start off with, they should cover a whole gamut of shooting situations.

Hope this helps.

-- PM (, May 06, 2003.

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