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The A.M.E Herald is a weekly news magazine featuring the news of the A.M.E. Church. We also have articles and editorials. The May 5th edition is now online. Please go to:

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-- Anonymous, May 04, 2003



Are you thinking about running for editor of the Christian Recorder? You have the can-do spirit that can get the job done. You Go Preacher!

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2003

My brother you made me smile. NO! I am not thinking of running for editor of the Christian Recorder. I am a "Country Preacher" my calling and passion is Rural Ministry and church planting. I have the greatest prelate in the world. Bishop John Bryant and there are so many exciting things happening for Rural Ministry in the fifth district. And God has called me to Rural Ministry. It is wonderful to be in a district where rural ministry is taken seriously and we as rural ministers are treated with love and respect. And in terms of "Can Do Attitude" it comes right from God! God laid it on my heart to do the A.M.E. Herald and it was through prayer and discussing it with my Bishop that I stepped forward. Every member of our staff God told me who to ask to be a part of this endeavor. Our combined talents will glorify God, his son and help our denomination. I am a foot soldier in the army of the Lord. I have a pastor's heart and spirit and if I am not with those who society has forgotten I am not happy. It took me 49 years to find my true family THE A.M.E. CHURCH I am happier now than I have ever been and this is the greatest denomination in the world. And when we as A.M.E.'s fully realize that, we will do supernatural work for the Lord. Thank you for your compliment. It really touched my heart. But for me I am just a foot soldier in the army of the lord and in Bishop bryant's army.

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2003

Bro. Harold, as usual, makes another excellent suggestion. I would even go a step further by recommending that the AMEC should establish a new Connectional General Officer called General Officer for Publication (GEP). The GEP would be responsible for all AME publications (e.g. Christian Recorder, AME Review, Journal of Christian Education & Sunday School literature). This office would be required to develop a plan which can lead to an AME Publishing House. Only individuals with a professional background in journalism or publications would be eligible for holding this position. I would also seek Bishop McKenzie's interest in serving as the Bishop to oversee the operation of this important office. Her professional background in both journalism and publication make her imminently qualified for the work ahead. QED

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2003

Bro. Bill I agree we do need people with a background in journalism and or English majors to head and support our publications. One of the things that we will be doing at the AME Herald is encouraging members of our denomination who have an interest in journalism. One of my goals is for the Herald to offer a "Rev. John Fisher journalism scholarship" to one of our members who will be majoring in journalism. We are fortunate that the co-editor of the AME Herald. Licentiate Danielle Rogers has a degree in journalism.

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2003

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