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I am a twenty-three year old who was born with my left hip dislocated and it wasn't caught until after I was two and walking. As a baby they tried pins and casts to put the hip back in the socket. That did work but then my hip started to basically eat itself away (the ball shaped bone rubbing and basically rubbing bone on it away). At fourteen they did a hp fusion. This and the other surgeries really never bothered me as long as I could marry and have children (basically a normal life). I just seen my doctor a week ago and now he says that there is nothing that he can do about the pain because it is coming from my back. I always had the belief that when I was in my early and mid twenties that they would do a complete hip replacement so I could lead a basic life. But he said that he doesn't see the point of me having the replacement doe because he says that it would not improve the pain or give me more movement. I hate to sound rude but being a young women it now causes me pain just to urinate and I have to hold my legs open just so that I can do it. There is no possible way that I can have relations with men this way. Also I had to quit my job because of he pain. I really don't want the kind of life sytle with sky diving or anything of that sort. I just want to be able to walk around without sleeping sixteen hours of the day due to pain killers and to marry and have a family. Basically what most people want. So if any one had any information about hip replacements after fusions or if they now of any other possible medical procedures that might help. Then please send me the input, it might make things seem a little less bleak.

-- Jocelyn Sinclair (, May 03, 2003


Hip replacement after fusion is an option, you just have to weight the risks and the benefits. Hip replacements can wear out, become infected, or dislocate. The risk is only worth it if the current situation is unacceptable and if it seems reasonably likely that the hip replacement will decrease the pain.

Good luck

-- Marc Hungerford, M.D. (, May 07, 2003.

I have just undergone a total hip replacement on May 7th after suffering most of my ife like you I was born with con-genital hip dislocation on the left side but I was 4 before anything was done as I was falling over all the time! I am 40 now still young they say for a hip replacment but I needed it so much to ease the pain. I have two boys 13 an 17 but was always told that I waould never have children, it was difficult but I proved everyone wrong in the end. I think having this surgery probably will be the best thing I could have done, it is still earley days and I am still slowly getting used to it each day. There is very little pain and as for my back the pain went immediately after surgery, go for it !! Tina Ventre

-- Tina Ventre (, August 06, 2003.

I have just seen another specialist in Toronto and he has decided that he will do the hip replacement. I must admit that I am a little nervous, especially with the fact that he will not set a date for the surgery until I see him again in February.

--Jocelyn Sinclair

-- Jocelyn Sinclair (, September 19, 2003. young hip patients support network

-- Krista (, August 12, 2004.

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