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Hi there, My other half and I are off to the Alps in mid July for two weeks. We've never been before but we have climbed regularly for years, UK grade VS (ish) and Scottish winter grade 2 no problem, up to grade 4 on a good day. Both of us have a pathological hatred of crowds but would like to try some bigger mountains. We don't want to be guided. Anyone got any advice on locations, routes, timings, gear etc etc. We've done a winter climbing course and are happy with our skills, we just don't know where to start and with just a fortnight dont want to waste any time. Thanks in advance for any tips. Sean A.

-- Sean Astley (, May 03, 2003



Buy Gaston Rebuffat's 100 Best Climbs in Mont Blanc. He has some great suggestion

On my 1st trip I did the following which were all fantastic;-

Petite Aiguille Verte,Cosmiques Arete on the Midi, Midi/Plan Traverese, L'Index, Aiguille De Argentierre.

Have fun and be safe,


-- Sean Johnston (, June 13, 2003.

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