3 In-Depth Poe Questions

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1: What hobbies other than writing did Poe do?

2: When did Poe decide to become a writer and what were some of his attempts?

3: Describe what was most influencial in Poe's career be it person, event, book etc.

Thanks for your time and consideration, I've searched through books and internet for days unsuccessfully

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2003


1. Hobbies? From what I have read Poe drew in his youth. He liked gardening, cats, wrote an enthusiastic article on furniture, invented puzzle ciphers for the magazines, liked hiking and athletic activities like swimming and jumping. At different periods of course. he enjoyed music and the theater.

2. Poe pretty much decided awhen he gave up his military career and college. That was a big step even then in a country with a small unrewarding literary establishment but he considered it the highest profession. He thought there was no future in the military as wars seemed outmoded. haha.

3. The pivot might be Mrs. Jane Stanard as one who encouraged his youthful writing(she died when he was a teen) and was also the first and enduring symbol of his poetic ideal both in person and in her life connected to him. THE most influential I am sure is argumentative, but as far as direction and mainstay in his confident apporach to his career I think it is a strong case.

-- Anonymous, May 04, 2003

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