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The A.M.E. church was predominately found in inner city areas, How do we facilitate growth in newer urban areas that are more culturally diversified both racially and financially? Yours in christ,vm

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2003


In Texas, our churches were largely rural and small, much like the Methodist churches of old. The Baptist owned the urban areas and still do in many cases. But to your question: There has benseveral established in Texas that are doing quite well. I was blessed to be the founding pastor of one such church, Cornerstone in The Colony. The problems that most of the newly established churches in Texas is funding. We were able to acquire land but not able to get funding for a building. Contrast that with other denominations such as SBC who provide funding for construction for thier newly founded congregations. Until we as a denomination are able to invest in new congregations we will not be able to minister in new urban or suburan areas.

BE Blessed

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2003

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