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I know all of us could probably learn / relearn some new information here . . .

The old, original issues by John Shuttleworth have been thought to be the best issues on teaching homesteading and home crafts. These are the 30 plus some years ago, so finding original issues can be awful hard.

Someone on another bboard had written in that the new Mother Earth News website www.motherearthnews.com has an Archives site. Guess what - the old issues ARE THERE. COOOOOOOL!

This site will soon be on your 'favorites' list and will keep you up late at night reading. I'm on issue #35; the PLOWBOY interview and John Shuttleworth's intro article are the first two articles. These two should read out loud in front of Congress and in front of the entire American audience. It is that good.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2003


I have all the back issues from 1-100. They helped mold me into what I am today, along with Organic Gardening and Farming (and Archie comic books!) They surely are a wonderful resource, and it is nice to see that the back issues are online. TMEN had sold when the founder and his wife split up - can't remember the issue # where the change took place, but it changed a lot after that. I know that for a while, it was published in New York City - may have been sold a second time before that happened. TMEN is now published by Ogden Pub. Co, of Topeka, Kansas; and Cheryl Long, from back in the good old days at Organic Gardening, is one of the editors. I re-upped while we were down in MO at that garden festival; one of the ladies that works for them was rooming next door in the motel. Ogden also publishes Grit and Capper's Weekly, if anyone is familiar with those two down home little papers - so I have high hopes for the mag to become, if not what it was, at least a whole lot better than in the NYC days. Kind of like the Organic Style thing - shiver!! "Mother Earth goes UP-town"....Yechh! BTW, did anyone notice that when Rodale put out Organic Style, they changed the name of Organic Gardening to "OG"? Well, it's now back to Organic Gardening; I'm just waiting for "and Farming" to make it back into the title.

There is a reader's forum at the TMEN site, it could use some active participants. It has a lot of folks on the members list, but not too many are active. New Farm, which used to be a Rodale mag is now on- line and has a forum also.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2003

Well, list the websites, girl!

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2003

One source people forget about are the public librarys. Ours has Mother's that go back to the 70's. Country Side too.......

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2003

Mother Earth News:


Go to Community ~> Reader's Forum

New Farm:


Go to Talk.

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2003

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